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Sweet, looking forward to playing this build! (once I'm less busy)

Honestly, I'd say it fit within Juice Galaxy pretty well. I enjoyed listening to both these wondrous compositions, and I hope you make some more!

I think I might've had a dream inspired by Juice World, but I'm not entirely sure. It was about a week ago maybe.

with #9, I have a feeling those might be too big a consequence for the amount of juice you get in comparison, but some sort of weird side effect would be cool.

It'd be cool to see some flying enemies, but once you're far away enough from the graveyard. Maybe they could be the weird alien bats from SwordFace?

yeah, the final boss music is really cool

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Just a suggestion, but considering that you used some content from one of your previous games Schwing, why not grab some inspiration from SwordFace. Maybe after collecting (touching) all melee weapons, you get a swordface hat/mask. I haven't played too much of too much of SwordFace, but I'd love to see content from there too if at all possible.

Loving 0.0.6! Can't wait to discover more, I'm glad you didn't post the changelog right away.

yeah, I'm 90% sure that one of them is the Evil Cave. 

yeah, your observation is a good one. You can also fly up from the boss room and pop back up on the surface. Though I only did that once in 0.0.3, so I'm not sure if it's still possible.

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She uses it if you get an answer wrong during the quiz. I think the laser either kills you, or does a massive amount of damage very quickly. Yeah, it would be really cool if she uses that during battle and you have to hide behind some cover as she recharges it.

Keep in mind, the game is still in development, I'm sure fishlika is aware of these things, but yeah, I hope we get a fight with Mrs.Slitherss soon (I can't believed she lied to us about the candy). Revenge will be so sweet.

I would say yes, but if you don't consider it breaking the rules then go ahead. I just attempted to avoid hitting any enemy incase I killed them. 

I thought about doing a speed run, but I'm going to wait a bit longer until I try it. And a plunger run would ruin me, so I'll make sure to give it a try soon.

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For Version 0.0.4


  • No killing any enemies except the final boss
    • Even in the tutorial area
    • You can hurt enemies, just be sure you don't kill them
  • Any weapon can be used
  • Challenge ends when you kill the Creator

Note: I'll try to edit this as newer versions come out

How I did it: (My version 0.0.4a)

At the beginning Immediately skipped the quiz, grabbed the Morningstar and whacked all the boxes for their juice points, then left the schoolyard. 

My goal main goal (aside from defeating the Creator) was to grab the Draginslayer which would mean I needed to increase my flight and energy regen stats. I grabbed the bat, and used trees as a mean of collecting juice points. One thing I had to be weary about with the trees were the koalaths. Once I had enough energy/flight, I grabbed the Draginslayer and proceeded to use it on a nearby tree, making sure not to hit the koalaths that fell out since they would be killed instantly. If you didn't know, the Draginslayer gives massive amounts of juice points when you attack something with it, so I was able to up my stats pretty easily after that. 

My next goal was to get to the evil cave. There were a couple areas where there are a lot of enemies in a small/cramped area, so I was afraid I'd have to grind more to up my damage and avoid taking the Draginslayer. Luckily I managed to dodge everything and made it down toward the Creator. My only worry about this fight was hitting a thrown polywog, but I just made sure to avoid the first one that was summoned.  With my trusty sword, I made quick work of this fight.

This took me about 6 or 7 tries. 

There were a couple glitches along the way, like some fountains not working (other than the graveyard and cave fountain). During one of my failed run-throughs I think I might've killed the vampire with the Draginslayer, but I'm not sure. When I got a good hit on Vamps, I got knock backed pretty far, and I assume the same happened to him. Also after that happened, some of my stats reset themselves. 

Overall I had fun doing this challenge. I love this game despite how weird it is, and I can't wait to see what fishlicka has in store for this game.