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Keep in mind, the game is still in development, I'm sure fishlika is aware of these things, but yeah, I hope we get a fight with Mrs.Slitherss soon (I can't believed she lied to us about the candy). Revenge will be so sweet.

I can still make my observation, my point still stand. Also there's a script that make Mrs. Slitherss fire a rainbow laser at you and since 0.0.3 you can hurt her, so I believe in all honesty that was overlooked.

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She uses it if you get an answer wrong during the quiz. I think the laser either kills you, or does a massive amount of damage very quickly. Yeah, it would be really cool if she uses that during battle and you have to hide behind some cover as she recharges it.

yeah, your observation is a good one. You can also fly up from the boss room and pop back up on the surface. Though I only did that once in 0.0.3, so I'm not sure if it's still possible.

is still posible