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a while ago we released "Deadly Days" in Early Access. We made several huge improvements in the patches (for example unit leveling and talents). In order to get more Feedback from you - the players - we started an Itch.io sale. We'd love you to join our group of survivors :)

On steam 4.99$, here on Itch 3.99$ and currently 33% off!

Check it out here: https://pixelsplit.itch.io/deadly-days

- Your Deadly Days Team

yes! http://store.steampowered.com/app/497720/Funfair_Ride_Simulator_3/

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Dear community,

right now we are developing "infiniputt", a procedural generated minigolf game. 

We've been working hard on the game for the past few months and are now in the final stages. We started our Greenlight campaign shortly and would be very happy about the one or the other vote - of course only if you like our idea and if you want to support us. 

Besides, we are very interested in your feedback and are open for further ideas! Thank you!

infiniputt on Greenlight: http://bit.ly/infinigreen

Play procedurally generated mingolf courses assembled from an immense variety of sections!

Be surprised by new challenges and combinations on every track! 

Master tricky, crazy and fascinating courses, solve the most impossible combinations and develop your own way to solve the courses.

The minigolf courses form the center of gigantic galaxies. Various celestial bodies such as asteroids and planets orbit around the course. This impressive space environment provides an unrivaled minigolf experience.

Not only classic track sections such as loopings, steep curves and ramps are waiting to be tackled, but also exciting sections and obstacles such as jumppads, portals or crazy tube systems. Each unique course offers a high score list - be the first to set a record for a course and defend it!

Friends quickly become enemies at Infiniputt. Compete in a local multiplayer mode, push them out of the course or leave them behind with a skillful stroke.

But even in solo mode, you can compare with your friends by sending challenges to them so they can try to break your records.


we are ZKW Games. Right now we are developing a new kind of one-button-physics-casual-game. Perhaps you still know the kind of games from your childhood, in which you have to maneuver a ball through various obstacles by pushing a button that moves various obstacles. We have used this idea to create something completely new. "Tales of the Tiny Planet"

Hope you like the idea. Let us know! :)

One button to control everything - simple concept, hard to master. 

Use one button to control a group of complex mechanisms to solve various levels. But be careful, you have to time your input precisely in order to transport the planets through dimension portals. Try to solve the levels as fast as possible to collect stars which can unlock new worlds.

5 worlds • 60 levels • Achievements • Leaderboards • Trading Cards • Level editor