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PixelCount Studios

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Thanks for the post, glad you like the graphics. For plot I guess you mean story? This prototype is really light on that, it's more just a playground for trying out some of the systems of the game at this very early stage. We hope you will check back later when we get more of a story in place, thanks for playing and the feedback!

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Very kind of you sir! There's already quite a bit going on if you mess around with stuff like traits and the tools that aren't obvious at first. Hoping to get a lot of flexibility and sandbox fun in there where people can create their own stories and just chill out and enjoy messing with the world.

And new better looking map incoming ;-)

Thank you so much! We have some music being done at this very moment....it's really relaxing and summery!

Lionhead was named after one of the founders pet hamster :)

And we have looked at picking up. Now objects picked up will go directly into the inventory but can be accessed quickly. When using the radials you will bring an object to hand and decide to store, throw, drop or use. Next update with this is due this week! :)

On 4. 'feeding livestock not working from dropping it'. That's a bug that slipped through, have what should be a fix waiting to go in the next update!


We are PixelCount Studios, formed by 2 ex-Lionhead devs who worked on the very marmitey but oft-cherished Fable series.

Team consists of Matt, our LA-based Community wizard who ran the Lionhead fansite, The Dead Hamster for many years.

Neal is the resident coder...working tireless on tools and everything else. Neal was at LH for donkey's years and did scripting on Fable 1 right through to tools support on Legends.

Charlie rounds out the team as designer and level designer, having worked on Fable longer than anyone and doing stuff like building the Albion of Fable 2 and 3, and pointing at the screen a lot during Journey, before actually doing some work again on Legends.

Our prototype is here...


Look forward to getting to know you and sharing more of our development chaos ;-)

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Very useful thank you!

Some answers...

1. It's a balance thing, and as we go on we will reveal more about how time works and what the player can do.

2. There will be a choice of male or female, but the depth of that customisation will depend on user desire to have it, and dev time/funding. We would like it though!

3. We haven't got any holding anims yet...very short on animation at the mo during these early stages.

4. You must have missed some pages, which clearly hint at where and when to get the herbs needed ;-) Level up that fishing rod if you want to reach them all...

5. There are a few reasons for this, the main being we want the player to decide what to do with a pickup...throw, use or store. It also allows a lot of flexibility for the player and stops accidents. In combat, tapping A will evade, so we need to be consistent between combat and non combat modes and means items can still be picked up in combat and easily stored or thrown etc. Plus it also negates the constant need to go in and out of the inventory. We will listen to feedback and ideas though.

Really appreciate the feedback!



An honour to post here on this fabulous site. We've put our little prototype up for download and just released an update adding first pass M&K controls plus a bunch of polish and fixes.

We'd love your feedback, for good or bad, and ideas, questions etc etc!


Charlie & Neal

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Thanks for starting our first topic/post and posting a video already! Regarding controller input as this is a very early prototype we haven't got round to polishing the experience playing on KB & Mouse or doing much testing outside an xbox controller as yet... It is possible to play the game entirely on keyboard (as the coder it's the way I mostly play the game!) but it is a bit fiddly and quirky currently. For the next update we'll aim to hopefully have a better KB experience (and with any luck mouse usable too). Here's the keys which should allow for playing the game in the meanwhile:

Spacebar will go through the intro screens currently (I'll make sure other keys work too in the next build, doh!)

WASD (also cursor keys should work) - equivalent of left stick for movement (can also be used to select an option for example when interacting or choosing an item for a slot)

Shift - hold to run

E - equivalent of A on controller for picking up items, etc.

B - closes some menus but 'E' key should too

Q - drops held item

R - equivalent of Y on controller for using a held item (mainly works on food)

1/2/3 above WASD - these are equivalent to XYB to map and pick a currently used item.

Spacebar - equivalent of Right trigger to throw a held item/use an equipped tool, etc

Ctrl key left or right - equivalent of Left trigger for seeing info about characters, etc.

C/K/M/I - equivalent of dpad shortcuts to UI menus Tasks/Keys/Map/Inventory

Escape - brings up option menu

Would be interested to get any feedback on the controls above!

(Keybindings are intended to be supported at some point too, when depends partly on player interest and also all the other millions of things that need doing...)