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The chat system is being overhauled as we speak :-)

Unsure at this time. We are on GoG, Steam and Discord at the moment and it is a lot to juggle.

Is this the prototype on or the Early Access on Steam?

There will be a first pass at combat, seasons, 6 new regions, more NPC's, Status screen, more items and recipes (some actually working!), loads of new art and icons, seasonal UI and more!  

Early Access is out Nov 8th....the full game is still a way away sadly. Thank you for your kind words and support!

No plans currently for Linux but it would be nice to support it when we get time.

It won't be on for EA (I think that's our plan) but would be great to be here for full release.


Thank you!

We sadly won't be doing murder and interrogation as such...but I do know that game the C64!

yes  :)    wont be fixed for the prototype sadly but will be for Early Access. Thanks!

Thank you for your kind words.  If we pull this off, it could be special indeed, and we hope to have you along for the ride and feel free to join our forums and contribute ideas.   :-)

Kynseed community · Posted in Mac

We hope to but no confirmation yet

So sorry...we have been busy shifting over to our new forums and prepping for the road ahead. I haven't been checking :/

Answers (sort of)...

1. As anywhere...befriend and win their hearts :-)

2. I would say halfway between, but you will need to be aware of their happiness and mood towards you. Some people will be harder to woo than others. Your reputation and wealth can help here :)

3. Yes you can get them to work for you, give them tools to aid their learning, and even send them off on well as show them affection.

4. It will work the same as it does for everyone...each NPC is an individual with their own lives and likes / hates / characterisitcs...and it is up to you if you want to try learn about them and romance them.

Kynseed community · Posted in Mac

Not planned but never say never :-)


Sorry to hear about the problems and sorry for the slow reply.  It sounds like the common setup here is a switchable graphics card?  I'm going to take a look to see what I can do to force the nvidia one to be used as the game does require dx 11 compatible graphics and uses pixel shaders so I think the integrated one would struggle (and might result in the white screen ingame, just to check do you see the start screens but just ingame doesn't work?).  I don't know if there's a way to do this on starting the app to test if that works?



Very kind of you!


Thanks for the feedback, we know we still have a way to go with the mouse/keyboard controls and it is super useful to get any feedback on specific issues like this, they were quite a new addition this year so still need some time to iterate on.  With the next update we'll be continuing to refine them and will take a look at the trackpad situation you mention!

Likely the next update we will lengthen the day cycle to see how it affects gameplay, it is something we need to find a good balance on and further in development it'll be interesting to see how it feels when you are living your life so to speak!

I'm not sure what you mean by the spirit sites?  If you mean the two areas with 'particles' coming off them then yes they have a purpose!  (in time we'll be making them more easy to understand as they are quite WIP in look and consequently how understandable they are...)

With the kickstarter tiers, the first one is referring to when we are aiming to have the early access version available in Dec 2017, the other tiers all have items that will likely coincide with the full release which we are currently targetting for Dec 2018.  Hopefully that makes sense?




Yes it's our intention to have same-sex relationships in the full game.  In this case (and in the case of not having a child) adoption will be an option available to continue the game.



Ah, thanks for the info! The itch app shouldn't be required, but perhaps there was some problem with the original download (guessing that you redownloaded from the itch app?)?


That is odd! First time I've heard of that problem. It does sound like it might be a driver issue? If the drivers don't fix it, we can follow up via to perhaps try a test build to see about what it might be...




Sorry to hear about the crash... Could I take a few details to help work out what it might be:

What version of windows do you have (7/8/10/etc)?

Do you know what graphics card you are using and whether it is on the latest drivers?

Do you happen to be running fraps in the background? (we've had one reported case where doing so caused the game to crash. We're looking into why this might be and how to fix it, but in the short term if you are and can close it that might fix it for now...)

Is there a file called error.txt in the main folder? If so could you copy what is inside to this thread to get a better understanding?

Finally if there's no error.txt, could you run the game, have it crash and then look in event viewer (it's a windows tool, found in control panel as 'view event logs' in windows 10 or if you type in 'event viewer' into the windows search it should come up as a program there). When you run that, if you look under windows log->application you should see an error message with kynseed as source, if you could copy the details of that here it would get an understanding of the problem.



Hello! Glad you like the prototype. Some answers for you...

1. We have 2 ideas for the approach to this, but upgrades and customisation are highly desired, yes :-)

2. It has to be that way, as the A button will have a dual role, and we don't want accidents.

3. It is likely we will in the future :-)

4. Hopefully fixed next update!

5. Fixed I think in next build :-)



We've had a few reports about the out of bounds, we'll take a look at it for the next update :) (I've also got a debug visualiser in mind so its easier for us to spot these in the future :) ). And thanks for the info about the rainstick, I'll take a look into that but probably a bit further down our list of priorities at the moment..




Thanks for the feedback! You certainly raise quite a few concerns with the current UI/controls!

Just to check with regards to the first point, are you on v3 of the kickstarter prototype that came out yesterday? That should have reduced the hero's arm size and hopefully improved the anims a bit tho it is still a work in progress at this early stage. We are definitely looking into characters and their animations, it's an area we haven't got a specialist to look at as yet and know for sure that there is work to be done on it so hopefully you'll see improvements there...

Point 4 about 'putting away items' also sounds like it is from an earlier version as I think that's fixed now? The only time when it should stay in the hands (unless player selected) is the very first time as we felt that some players might go over to complete the tutorial section at that point.

Regarding your last point of clicking affecting the game even when it's not the active window, this is something I've hopefully just fixed so should be in the next version!

For the other points we'll be looking at UI and particularly the keyboard and mouse control setup this week and hope to make some changes there. This game is very early in development and was initially more designed with a controller in mind so hopefully you will see future updates address these issues as we go. We are paying attention to feedback and any playthroughs we see and controls/ui do seem to be an issue that comes up a lot (especially keyboard and mouse).



Thank you for the feedback...keyboard and mouse controls are something we are keen to keep addressing asap.

As for automation, it will be needed if you want to run multiple businesses in multiple villages...the prototype is the home farm and the nook only. You have The Vale to come for Prologue, then the rest of the world, which is pretty big!

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback! The game is still a very early prototype at this stage so we hope to address a lot of what you mention! We're still not entirely sure about doing diagonal direction animations, because there could potentially be a lot of animations to do (if you start including all the actions the player can do and then we want it for all NPC characters as well) but we are starting to look into the tech of how we will do it for NPCs so will see what we find in doing that!

With the time of day, if you search around you might find something that allows you to stay awake longer ;) The full game may well not have that restriction, we have been mainly using this prototype to test out ideas and see how it goes...

Thanks for the suggestion of rune factory 3, I don't think any of us have played that but might seek it out or at least check some youtube videos :) There is a lot of the intended full game that at this point is not in the prototype (some details of which are on the itchio page now or our kickstarter page). So hopefully what we add will be interesting to you as it should address some of your points (levelling more skills, ingame items that automate actions, a job system and eventually combat system with a debuff type system!).


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I also found it kinda weird that I actually had to go click resume to make the escape menu go away again; I couldn't just hit escape to close it out.

Actually having just tested this I'm finding it is doing that (closing the menu that is!)? Could you try again next time you play just to see if it's consistently not working for you?



the pigpen. In some spots, it looks like it might be fence but... you can walk right through?

Yea this is cos of a slight limitation with our setup right now (a given tile can only have a single collision rectangle). I need to do a bit of work to support this but it shouldn't be too hard!

Just at the bottom corners of it though. It also looks like you're standing on top of the fence at the bottom, but these aren't huge problems, not to me (because this IS still a prototype).

Aye, the standing on top of the fence, it's again a current limitation of how we're doing tiles (they can only be above or below the player). The work to support this might take a little bit but will definitely be looked at in due course.

I also found that when you use an object (like the spade or the sicle) you can actually run around while using it, but when you do, your character animation stays facing the same direction--so if I started to use the spade while facing the left, when I start running around I always face left, no matter what direction I'm going in.

The facing direction when using an item is taken from the mouse's position, so that's why it can look a bit odd. Would you want it to always follow the direction of movement and the mouse position to only be taken if you start moving it round?

I also don't know if functionality of the watering can was excluded or not, but I couldn't quite figure out how it works if it's there. I wanted to water my plants I started to grow, but I just couldn't figure it out. If it's there, maybe that's something to add in a description on?

The watering can should work like other tools holding down the left mouse button or space on the keyboard which causes it to spray water. If you do it at a patch with a seed in it then you should see a little bar fill up blue. This indicates you are watering it. If you hold left or right control that'll show you the status of objects nearby you such as growing seeds as to whether they need water or are ripe! I have just noticed that the nearby signpost has text for controller only so will look to adjust that in the next build!

("Press A here while holding right trigger!" kind of stuff; I don't remember exactly where that one was but I do remember it being there)

If you do remember or find anymore like this it would be most helpful to know what they say! As above I have found a signpost with controller text so will look to change that and any others I find. Hopefully next build will remove these. There is K on the keyboard by the way to get a list of the keyboard mappings btw, though that list isn't complete unfortunately as it excludes of the in menu commands!

One final comment, that actually seems to be a legit bug--the volume slider in the escape menu doesn't seem to be working. I tried it but it didn't really seem to do anything?

For volume slider are we talking about music volume or the other one? I think the ambient sounds are tied to the left volume slider wheras the music slider is just for music. There have been a few issues with sound that need looking into though...

Thanks again for the feedback, we're hoping to have a new build by the end of this week which will address the escape key situation (yay!) along with some other fixes/improvements/new bits :)



Thanks for the bugs and feedback again. We will look into those.

I don't like the hanging fish either so will remove them :)

As for time of day...did you know you can stay awake past 11?

It is a balance thing but because the game is set over 4 seasons and potentially hundreds of years we worry about having long days.

The idea is that at first you will struggle to multitask and get things done...and that is where Mr Fairweathers items will tempt you.

They will make travelling faster and tasks easier etc.

Additionally some of the combat zones will have frozen time...and time will not move in the Fae realms.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the post, we are really grateful of your interest in the game and appreciate your kickstarter support! Feedback like this is really appreciated as it gives us points to focus on as we work to smooth out the prototype and beyond! The UI screens in particular are definitely something that are in need of work (the blame is totally on me as outside the options screen buttons they're all programmer art that I've put in to represent the interactions which has just about got us by for now). We will be looking to address some of the feedback you mention in the next build hopefully (the escape key one is definitely something that bugs me too and hopefully an easy fix!). Additionally mouse & keyboard controls were a somewhat late addition to the game after our first itchio release so we're still working on refining them, so apologies as we slowly improve them! Very interested in your further feedback when you have the time!



Thanks for the post, glad you like the graphics. For plot I guess you mean story? This prototype is really light on that, it's more just a playground for trying out some of the systems of the game at this very early stage. We hope you will check back later when we get more of a story in place, thanks for playing and the feedback!

Very kind of you sir! There's already quite a bit going on if you mess around with stuff like traits and the tools that aren't obvious at first. Hoping to get a lot of flexibility and sandbox fun in there where people can create their own stories and just chill out and enjoy messing with the world.

And new better looking map incoming ;-)

Thank you so much! We have some music being done at this very's really relaxing and summery!

Lionhead was named after one of the founders pet hamster :)

And we have looked at picking up. Now objects picked up will go directly into the inventory but can be accessed quickly. When using the radials you will bring an object to hand and decide to store, throw, drop or use. Next update with this is due this week! :)

On 4. 'feeding livestock not working from dropping it'. That's a bug that slipped through, have what should be a fix waiting to go in the next update!


We are PixelCount Studios, formed by 2 ex-Lionhead devs who worked on the very marmitey but oft-cherished Fable series.

Team consists of Matt, our LA-based Community wizard who ran the Lionhead fansite, The Dead Hamster for many years.

Neal is the resident coder...working tireless on tools and everything else. Neal was at LH for donkey's years and did scripting on Fable 1 right through to tools support on Legends.

Charlie rounds out the team as designer and level designer, having worked on Fable longer than anyone and doing stuff like building the Albion of Fable 2 and 3, and pointing at the screen a lot during Journey, before actually doing some work again on Legends.

Our prototype is here...

Look forward to getting to know you and sharing more of our development chaos ;-)

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Very useful thank you!

Some answers...

1. It's a balance thing, and as we go on we will reveal more about how time works and what the player can do.

2. There will be a choice of male or female, but the depth of that customisation will depend on user desire to have it, and dev time/funding. We would like it though!

3. We haven't got any holding anims yet...very short on animation at the mo during these early stages.

4. You must have missed some pages, which clearly hint at where and when to get the herbs needed ;-) Level up that fishing rod if you want to reach them all...

5. There are a few reasons for this, the main being we want the player to decide what to do with a pickup...throw, use or store. It also allows a lot of flexibility for the player and stops accidents. In combat, tapping A will evade, so we need to be consistent between combat and non combat modes and means items can still be picked up in combat and easily stored or thrown etc. Plus it also negates the constant need to go in and out of the inventory. We will listen to feedback and ideas though.

Really appreciate the feedback!