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no worries mate. You couldnt have known.

I have read the page on Rewards and either I'm still confused or I don't think that would solve my problem. Thanks!

Hello Itch!

My team is gearing up for release this week for our first game, CANARI. Is it possible to give away a specific number of keys for free, while charging for the rest in refinery? Early on in our games development, playtesters at different events playtested and signed up to our mailing list. As a thank you for providing feedback, I'd like a way to be able to send those mailing list members a key at no cost, while launching the game for income to the general public. Is there a way to set this up?

I've gone through the key generation page and in order to do this, it looks like my options are:

  1. Create one key that all people would be able to use and then revoke when the downloads reached a number (this would require me to closely watch the download ticker) or
  2. Generate individual keys for each mail list subscriber, a time consuming task for 75 people. I'm also pretty sure there isn't a way for me to paste an individual key into each email from a service like MailChimp.

Is there a better creative solution? If something like this isn't possible, would you consider working it into refinery? It would be nice if you could generate a single key that has a limit on uses, so it would auto shutoff at a developer desired amount. Another way would be to create a bank of keys that was only accessible through a private link. That way a dev could publicly use the widget for sales, but still control a number of private keys to smaller segment. Thanks!

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The CANARI Early Access program is a way for PixelBot Games to find out directly from its players where we should take the development of CANARI. By purchasing a copy of CANARI early, you get the lowest price possible and get first access to the game. You also become an integral member of our community. We are anxious to hear what people think of our creation, and how to make it better. Once you've purchased your copy of CANARI we encourage you to participate in the Community by creating new posts. Tell us what you like and what you don't. We're listening.

Early Access Edition includes:

  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Three levels of the first environment
  • Challenging Boss fight
  • Global Rankings of your performance

As we develop new content, your copy of CANARI will be automatically updated if you installed using the Itch.io desktop client. While all of the features for CANARI are not set in stone, our current plan is to include:

  • Four unique environments, totalling 12 procedurally generated levels
  • New environment art that helps build the world of CANARI
  • Many new enemies to face
  • Environmental hazards to keep you from reaching your starship
  • Engaging story content to find in the wild
  • New pieces of equipment that will help you on your way
  • At least one more boss encounter
  • Possibly new game modes including: Swarm Mode (a wavelike survival mode), Local Co-op Campaign

We really hope you enjoy your first experiences with CANARI and pitch in to help us develop the game into a full release.

-The PixelBot Team