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That would definitely be a great addition! At some point I do need to learn how to implement it...

Thanks :)

Thanks for taking a look - would be great if it works. If not, I can of course get hold of a PC to get my second play-through in. Such an excellent game.

I guess it's the price of "progress" but I don't seem to be able to run this on Mac OS 10.14.5 (Mojave) - any insight? I've played it before (and it is brilliant) but was wanting to take another look!

Well thanks!

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As per the title, the Mac build has a similar problem to reported bugs earlier - the title sequence plays, the mouse stays visible, you reach the "smudge in the distance", and then nothing happens.

This is on Mac OS Mojave (10.14)

A room! A trunk! A tube! A bed! A radiator! A light! A landscape! A darkness! A separation! A floating in air! A doubling! An intersection! And more! And more!

b r 1 on

b r 1 (Bitsy Realty 1) is a remake of my earlier game v r 1 which was itself an attempt to "remake" Gregor Schneider's u r 1 from his The Haus u r project. Where v r 1 was created in Unityb r 1 is created in Bitsy, leading to important differences between the two games, including moving from 3D to 2D, physic-simulation to none, high resolution to 8x8 tile-based graphics, sounds versus silence, a first-person experience to a third-person experience, real-time versus turn-based, and on and on. It's in these differences that I'm trying to explore how Unity and Bitsy and both different and, in important ways, the same. What does it mean to try to create the 'same' experience in two radically different engines? What are the two engines good at? Bad at? Ignorant of? Emphatic about? This 'translation' throws these ideas into relief.

Want to know more?

Read the Closing Statement, a short essay about the project.

Read the Process Documentation for process journal entries, to dos, and manifestos.

Read the Commit History for detailed, moment-to-moment insights into the development process.

Read the Press Kit for press-oriented information.

Enjoyed this! Doing a lot with very little interactivity. Particularly love the radio station, very very clever.

Impressed by the ambition of this piece! Expressive way to tell a story and great to see so much ambiguity to it, appreciated. Not 100% sure I "get" the decision to feature two such disparate styles between memory and river... it's nice, but I'm not quite convinced by it right now... will think more.

@nicom –– Really helpful to get those issues noted, thanks. I've uploaded new builds with a larger deadzone, so hopefully that'll help if you have a chance to check it out). As for the land disappearing... yikes! If you happen to remember any details of when it happened for possibly reproducing the error I'd love to fix it... (invisible only while moving and then visible again, or invisible even when you got there?)

Like the visual style here – makes me think of thecatamites to some extent. Very odd narrative shape which I liked a surprising amount too. I wish I'd been able to wander for longer in this desert, having more strange thoughts...

I really struggled to understand how this one worked I'm afraid. I really like it conceptually and the presentation is nice, but I never really quite got a feel for what I was doing unfortunately.

Runs for me (mac). Really loved the ambiguous space and slightly blurry visuals around me and was very happy wandering around for quite a while. The text felt a bit intrusive to me personally, and felt like it went on a bit long to be honest – at a certain point I gave up walking around because the text just kept coming and I felt I'd "been everywhere". Thus took me a while to notice the "ending" bit. Loved the huge moon though, along with the rising music... interesting feeling.

I liked this – I guess I haven't seen the Simpson's episode everyone's talking about? Particularly like the pacing of the music and especially the platforming that turns out to be on the hat – very charming!

Really like the art style used here, though the game itself perhaps leaves a little to be desired in terms of depth. Quite fun having it set against the lengthy starting narration though!

Very beautifully rendered and animated world – would love to be able to work at this level of skill, the animated texture on the mystical being was particularly lovely at the beginning in closeup!

Very sweet game, like a version of Proteus targeted for children or something (in the best possible way). Loved the decision to have the game end if you wander off into the distance (especially going away from the 'camera' and fading out).

@polclarisou (I guess this works? I don't know if I saw a notification, but it highlights nicely...) Got it. Yes it definitely feels subtle, but present in terms of affect things. Again, though, really lovely looking and sounding!

I like the simplicity here. Actually took me a couple of passes to understand how to "do the thing" in it, perhaps embarrassingly? But I liked the kind of herding/leading feeling... it all seemed very gentle. Not sure if I loved the physics of it, but it came to seem natural after a while!

(The new build worked for me on my mac! Though I also ended up running with the lowest graphics setting, which may have disabled something that was freezing it for me...)

Really like the easy friendliness of the characters, is fun to play something so casual seeming. As Pierre said, the falling cars were kind of amazing, I liked them too. I'm not totally sure about the decision to advance dialogue with the spacebar like that... I don't know if I'd give the player so much control over the pace in that instance because I think you might lose a chance to really tune the contemplative sense of it...

Superb writing here, really very impressed by it. Perfect size and scope. Sits just right (uneasily).

This really didn't seem to want to run on my MacBook Air :/ Made it past the title to the start of violins but was just frozen there – am I missing anything?

This was really excellent. Actually found the oil derrick almost distractingly beautiful, to the point of not always following the dialogue or tone closely in favour of watching it. "That ending" is perfect in terms of visuals, exactly what I'd been hoping for as the dialogue trended that way. The composition in that final scene is particularly lovely.

Lovely art on this one – particularly the final boss, liked how it just retreated into its own dimension and the slow-motion effect applied during that sequence.

Whoa – really nice to see all this PICO-8 work at this jam. Big fan of that. I like the monster too, very effective!

Really like the language in this one, "digged up" was especially appealing somehow. The soundtrack's really nice too.

Lovely to see something made in PICO-8 here! Enjoy the idea of "ghost bullets", but guess I wish there was a little more to it than we have right here?

Generally beautiful! Love the people who start turning up after the first stay, really effective animation and modelling. Felt a little bit like the game didn't know where to go once the pattern had been established so the ending didn't feel quite as confidently executed as the rest to me...

Very striking visually and sonically – really amazed by what was done. I'm a little concerned I missed something in terms of interactivity? Can I do anything to affect the scene beyond making the sky move a little bit? Don't want to miss out!

Kind of amazing –– the 2D in 3D space effect is pretty good here, especially with the visual confusion if you go wild. The crying sequence at the end is sublime.

Really liked the starting setup and felt a tiny bit like I was ruining when I made changes! There was something about the, what, syncopation? The nice off-beat rhythmic stuff anyway... I liked that.

I liked it.

Make it!