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Thank you for your comment.
I am honored that you are using these in your game. I hope your game will be a wonderful work of art.

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for your question.
Although it is possible to use some kind of upscaling program, we believe that it is better for users to use their own preferred upscaling program for editing. This tileset is drawn in pixel art, and to make it compatible with 48x48 as pixel art would require a complete rework. I am not considering doing that at this time as it would take an enormous amount of time.

Thank you for your comment. Glad you like it!

Thank you for your question.
I don't know because I don't have GameMaker Studio 2, but if you can load PNG images, you can use it.

Thank you for your question.
Unfortunately, these are not easy to incorporate in RPG Maker MV/MZ; you will need to use an image editing program such as Photoshop or GIMP to select and rearrange the sprites to fit RPG Maker MV/MZ. Alternatively, there may be plug-ins for RPG Maker MV/MZ that can be easily integrated.

Thanks for your comment!
I played your game. I am very happy that the ship's sprite was used in a game where it fits perfectly.

Thanks for finding this! Glad you like it!

Thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, a certain level of graphics performance is required, as it depends on the operating environment of GodotEngine. You may freely edit the files for individual image parts. Please make use of them.

Thank you for your question.
A similar question has been asked previously and a link is provided below. Please see here.

Excellent! Thank you!

Very nice!

Do you allow these to be used with game engines other than "RPG MAKER MV/MZ"? I understand that it is made for "RPG MAKER MV/MZ".

Hello, Thank you for using my monster illustrations. I am glad you like it.

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you like it! Please take advantage of it.

Thanks for your comment! Congrats on the release of your game! I watched your video. I am very happy to help you with the game you made. Thank you.

Thank you for your comment. Yes. I did not create the backward-looking data for the witch. I am sure more motions could be made with backward facing data, but I do not plan to create them. Sorry.

Thank you for your question. No problem. However, please include the following credit somewhere.


Understood. Please use the link below to provide us with more information. I am busy at the moment and may be a little late in getting back to you. Thank you.

PIPOYA Contact Form - Google Form

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Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you used me in your ISEKAI game!

Thank you for your comment.

I do plan to make it possible to change the number of frames of animation, but this will require a major reworking of the character's display since it will be linked to the character's display that was created in the early stages of development. I am a beginner when it comes to programming, so this is a bit of a difficult task for me, but I would like to proceed in between.

Chinese can be easily handled by using the functions of the "Godot Engine" used for production. However, there are several areas in the program that are processed differently depending on the language, and adding additional languages would be complicated, so we believe it is necessary to review the process. The language switching function is also a part of the experimental work we did in the early days, so we would like to consider efficient functions again. I would like to rework the system so that other languages can be easily added, not just Chinese, so I can't make it a high priority, but I would like to add it to the schedule. When you are ready to do so, we would appreciate your help in translating it into Chinese.

I apologize for the length of my reply. Thank you.

Thank you for your comment. License information is listed above, is there more information you need?

Thank you for your report. So it was a security issue. Since the software is still new, I was aware of this problem, but the warning was missing. I would like to add a note.

Thank you for your comment. I will not be releasing them beyond that framework, as they are for my supporters. However, in the future, I may sell them as finished character sprites rather than part images for "CharaMEL".

Thank you for your comment.
I already support character sprites on SRPGStudio maps, but do not have detailed documentation available. The image below shows a character sprite loaded from SRPGStudio for testing. 

To support SRPGStudio, you need to use the character.json editing tool at the URL below or edit character.json directly. The program itself is available in English. I found a bug in the program the other day, when I reload a file saved for SRPGStudio, the SRPGStudio check is disabled. This will be fixed in the next version. Please be aware of this.

To edit character.json directly, change it as shown in the image below.

I am not yet in a position to fully support you, so I am sure I am not explaining myself well enough, but please try.

Thank you for your comment. The license is determined by the individual character part images. The licenses for the items I include in CharaMEL are as follows.

- For commercial or personal use.
- Use and edit freely.
- Not redistribute or resell this assets.
- It can be used for game development and other productions.

Also, if you create a character part image and use CharaMEL to create a character sprite, it is yours;CharaMEL will be treated like a regular art program and will not grant licenses restricting what is created.

Thanks for your comment! Ci-en's 500 yen plans always have picture and software together. Since my motivation for developing this software is to make the assets I am creating more useful for my supporters, I do not plan to sell the software alone. Sorry.

Thanks for your comment. I am glad you like it! I hope you will make use of it.

You're welcome!

Thank you for your question. 16x16 sprites may be used. The smallest I have tested is an 8x8 sprite. There is no ability to change colors according to a specific palette file. I would love to have such a feature, but I don't know if I am capable of implementing it. I will keep it in mind to see if there is an easy way to implement it.

Thanks a lot for the ideas! I'll add it to the request task. I have been planning to make mermaid ears, so I will try to make them soon. As for the clothes, it may take some time since I have other plans to make them, but please look forward to them.

Thanks for the comment! I am glad.

Thanks for liking CharaMEL!
Yes, the translation add-on is a great thing. 
Just today I updated the support site version and the free version, so please take a look.
You can request parts, of course. Some content may be difficult or time consuming, but we welcome your requests.

Yes, I forgot to attach an image, but this is how the support site version looks in English. I will update just tomorrow or the next day or two. The articles on the support site itself are beyond my workload, so I can only provide Japanese, but if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in the support site version of this! The support site version of this program has been translated into English as well as the free version posted here. The names of the characters and parts have also been translated into English. The online documentation describing how to use "CharaMEL" will be translated into English in the future. The Japanese version of the online documentation already includes explanations of the features of the support site version.
Thank you.

Animation frames cannot be added. Only fixed ones.

Thank you for your question. It is possible to add your own sprites.

Thank you for your comment. I have never touched Linux, but I am interested in it and would like to try it eventually. I have never touched Linux, but I am interested in it and would like to try it eventually. However, at this point, I have no plans to create a Linux version, since I am a beginner in both starting to use Godot and creating the application itself.

Thanks for the question! I am glad you like it.
I'm sorry. Unfortunately I have no plans to release a paid version on How to sign up for pixivFANBOX is difficult for me to explain in English, but it seems you need to create a pixiv account first. Here is a link to the help page in English.


There are also similar pages of mine on other sites. Please consider this one if it is easier to understand.


Thanks for your comment!
If you would like to create your own character set, details are listed below. However, I have only been able to create the document in Japanese yet, so I will make time to make it into English in the next month or so.

Creation of original character set

The program to create the configuration file can be used in English, but the output of the configuration file contains some Japanese, so this will also be updated next month. However, it is not an element that causes operational problems, so it can be used as it is now.

Thank you for your question. Yes, it is possible by creating a set of corresponding sized part images. This image was loaded with a character image from RPG Maker MV as a test.