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Here you can write about your thoughts concerning the game , what you like, what you dont like and what you would like more of.

Due to issues with porting the current build to mobile platforms, a decision has been made to remake the game using Unity game engine. Since Unity is 3D it is possible to make the game models 3D as well (the gameplay is still in 2D). Here is a video demonstrating the potential new look. What do you think?


There are also two new BIG game features that are currently being developed and add a whole new level to the puzzle nature of the game.  As luck would have it , the features were already in development for a while and the game play is almost ironed out so what remains is to copy it into unity build. 

We are also going to shuffle around and change some of the levels in the current build as some are to hard to complete while you are getting used to the controls.

You will find updates on the game and sneak peeks of what is to come :)

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Orbita is a puzzle-action-simulation game that forces you to think about every action and puts you in incredibly hectic moments where only cool minds will prevail.

Check out the trailer:

Check out the gameplay video:

Orbita is currently on sale!

Check out the game page: