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Oh, that's what it means! Thanks for the clarification!

Sorry, I am not sure what you mean by "one time price." As silly as it sounds, this is the first time I've heard of that term.

If I buy a single chapter now, would I have to pay again to buy the other following chapters or do I get to automatically have access to the other chapters?

It seems that most people don't like Rumpel's personality much because they expect a cool and practical guy because of his glasses. I honestly found his personality and ideals adorable and admirable, even though I agree that his constant flirting and flattery can get annoying. Surprisingly, a lot of the choices to Rumpel's reaction was what I would have reacted like in real life! lol

Oh, so that's what "Guided by Intuition" is about! Thanks ^^

So how long is a single chapter? The game looks intriguing and high in quality and all, but I doubt I'd spend money if this is just about an hour to finish? Also, is a single chapter going to be about $20 or 5 chapters in total is going to be about $20?

Hello, I cannot seem to play this game. I used Mac. I extracted the game file from the rar, and did what I alway do when I open a VN game but it simply won't open.

Sorry for being late. To be honest, I didn't really enjoy it much mostly because of the Japanese name in a setting that seemed western.

I did like most of the character arts, though, and the general idea and plot was nice.

Amazing and lovely! I am so glad that you guys made this XD I love all the characters equally but I had so much fun with Rumpel! Karma's story and curse had a surprisingly tragic twist to it that just hit it all the way home!

By way, does anyone know what the "Guided by Intuition" achievement is for?

I found this on Deviant Art, but you were already here, it seems. Loved the game!

Looking forward Valentine Otome!

Ooh~ just downloaded this! Looking forward to it! Loved Halloween Otome, by the way^^ Hope Valentine Otome comes up soon!

A some sort of sequel/follow-up will be nice, wouldn't it?

I played this ages ago, but I am commenting now. This was really fun to play. Both of the guys were fun/interesting to deal with. The "bad" endings did freak me out a bit, but then again, who isn't? Is there going to be some sort of sequel to this? Not like a direct sequel, but kind of, with a new MC but in the same universe?

I liked this game. Sure, it was pretty short but the story was really well developed! Loved the characters and art works, too! I weeped at when I got the "true ending." It was so heart-warming. I really like your works^^

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COOL! Unfortunately I don't know much about the King George the third or fourth..... :( I better do some research.

A piano version sounds nice^^ I haven't played the game yet, but I with the bits of info I had about the game and with the op's title for reference, I was thinking of something like Prince Repulsing for title. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit over excited here. Sorry^^;;;

Are you going to make anymore games like this? Maybe based on Emma? Or maybe even some of the Bronte sisters' works!

Is there going to be an ending song, too?

Oooh, I like the opening(?) song! Broken Cinderella, is it?

Whoa, the Magical Otoge isn't finished yet? There's more to come? Oh, I can't wait!

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I'm kind of hoping that you'll one day make the story of June and Xiu into a visual novel. They just seem so charming!

Loved this game, by the way! I haven't played the other Magical series, but I think I'll like them all!

This was certainly different and interesting. I'm not sure what I felt like being a guy who could fall in love with both guys and girls in the game, despite being a straight girl. But it was a nice game.

This was really good. Loved the atmosphere and how it reminded me of Pride and Prejudice! I hope you make more games like this in the future! You're good^^

Made an account to say to loved Queen's Crown? Me too!

Oh GOOD! I really wanted some of the Kickstart rewards. I'm not too sure how much I'm allowed to spend, but I think I can manage as long as a single product is over $100.

As for the "truly" thing, it was just an opinion and a bit of a tantrum really. As much as I have a list of animes I like, it's sometimes really annoying for me when those anime influences seem like they're everywhere. It makes me feel like people somehow think that things have to be a certain way to be seen interesting. I may be just being sensitive, though. Thanks for answering, and I really hope to see the full game!

I'll be looking forward to your games, be it related to Simple as Snow or not ^^

The kickstart has ENDED!

plus there no time left .....OTL

I just saw the promotion video for the first time and I smacked myself in the face when I saw Noah saying "Truly, you are the most splendid thing I have ever beheld."

Isn't that a Japanese-ish way to say things; to start a sentence with "truly"? I think I've seen enough anime to know that starting a sentence with "truly" is truly/honto ni Japanese-ish.

(shrugs) But that's not what I really wanted to say.

Hey, Agashi. I saw the list of things the kickstrat supporters get as thank you presents, and I wanted to ask if any of them will be sold separately in the future after the game is released. I really would like to have the art book....but I can't just spend $75+ you see.....OTL

Well, I was surprised that yogoe(although I think the right spelling is yo-gwe), a Korean pronunciation for the Japanese youkai and the Chinese yaoguai. They use the same characters, but because of reasons, the majority knows only the Japanese term. It was also refreshing to have a protagonist having a Korean default name^^

I played the demo and I must say, I enjoyed it. Lovely art and voice acting! I personally would have loved it more if the background arts had more distinctive Chinese and Korean vibe.

But all in all, I like the demo enough to preorder^^

As not a game, but purely a visual novel, I think this was perfect.

There were some minor spelling and grammatical mistakes, but other than that, Simple as Snow is very good and unique.

If you ever decide to make an upgraded version of Simple as Snow or make a sequel for it, I'd suggest giving the player/reader some more details on the connection between the main characters(Lysa and Cyris).

I think the foundation of this VN is pretty good and I think it'll be really interesting if you upgrade this into a "choose your own story" kinetic visual novel.

Thanks! Finally downloaded it!

I'll give you the feedback as soon as I finish this.

Haven't played it yet, but it still looks good. I'm downloading it now ^^

Looks good^^ Looking forward the full thing!

I SO wish I could just give you the remaining $2669+ so that you guys can have your own website AND plan a sequel......

Arrrggghhhh~~!!! I can't download the demo!! I clicked on the "download" button for like 10 times consecutively!! OTL

Thumbs up for the idea and details! So interesting^^

Loved this one just as much your other project! Really looking forward to it^^

The demo looked really good! Looking forward for the full game^^

Whoa, a whole year?! Okay, I can do this...I can wait. We can all wait, right guys(talking to fellow QC fans)? ;)