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Amazing and lovely! I am so glad that you guys made this XD I love all the characters equally but I had so much fun with Rumpel! Karma's story and curse had a surprisingly tragic twist to it that just hit it all the way home!

By way, does anyone know what the "Guided by Intuition" achievement is for?

Hello there! We're glad that you enjoyed Rumpel's route since most people felt his route was lacking. So thank you!

As for that achievement, you need to get a good end without using the right choice indicator. So turn it off before you start a new game. :)

It seems that most people don't like Rumpel's personality much because they expect a cool and practical guy because of his glasses. I honestly found his personality and ideals adorable and admirable, even though I agree that his constant flirting and flattery can get annoying. Surprisingly, a lot of the choices to Rumpel's reaction was what I would have reacted like in real life! lol

Oh, so that's what "Guided by Intuition" is about! Thanks ^^