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I work as a firewatcher in summer and we had a ton of big wildfires 2 years ago in Spain, (also under suspicious circumstances), so this hits on a personal level.
What worries me the most is that these disasters are becoming more and more frequent, we currently have no means to stop them, and on the long run they can devolve into different environmental issues... But people don't seem too concerned about it.

As terrible as this is, lets hope it works as a wake-up call for people in your country, and preventive measures are taken so that it doesn't repeat on the same scale.

Playing on firefox there seems to be collision detection issues when clicking stuff, also the game doesn't occupy its entire space, might be related.
Cool topic though, and nice personal story ;)

wtf Toni this is really clever

damn this is really clever pancelor


what a cool setting! gonna do some googling about phumdi after writing this comment.

I showed this to a friend, we both had a good time with it, but since you're asking for feedback, get ready for a big pile of text over Discord XD

such a cool idea!


I guess paying to pick cards is done before the EVENTS trigger right? 
I think misremembering that sentence about "Queens doing something before an event" made me uncertain of that. I kinda wish paying would come later :P. Everything else seems pretty clear in the rules, although certain questions are cleared in a different place than expected.

I got 76 without actually thinking much about movement efficiency, so I think 50 must be possible yeah.
Really cool game, its surprising how much fun it is despite the simple concept.

Hey this is a pretty cool concept!

Hey mokesmoe I think this is a pretty cool idea!

Wow Gabe I'm a bit surprised to read about "mixed results" and this and that. You know I'm a nitpicking idiot and sure there are many things that could be improved, but I think this is really awesome XD I like so many elements and each for a different reason so I can't explain all of that here, but man this was just the kind of thing I was in the mood for.

Wow I really dig this! Super relaxing, just the kind of game I'm in need of lately XD

love the little light guys, their flickering and the sound they make when you bump into them XD

I get this message as it starts on the browser :


The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:

Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

Wow this was harder than I expected. I grew up with the PSX, but now I'm using an xbox controller, so I don't have a good grasp on the colors. Luckily I think doing badly actually leads to the most fun reactions hahaha.

PS: The video is soooo good!

Wow I wasn't expecting anyone to keep playing it so long. I'm so glad you enjoy it!

I dunno how Knex handled that but I think cards are mostly random xDD Baskets have a smaller chance of appearing, and 7s or higher only appear past a certain score. But I don't think the deck actually works like one.

You're close to the record afaik! It progressively gets harder on purpose, we didn't want it to last forever (its even a bit too long imo) though I don't like how we scaled the difficulty.

The "tool" cards as we called them were supposed to do similar things to what you mentioned. we cut them out for time purposes, though I'll admit they weren't as interesting as they sound.
I agree usually you feel like you'd like water to be optional instead of mandatory, though I think thats more the result of simplifying the water layout and raising the card value maximum, both of which butchered the original water mechanism lol. I like the sound of the compost bin! If we work on this further I'll give a try and see if discarding the highest cards isn't always obvious.
Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

is there anything in particular you'd like to see added?

Oh no, what kind of issues?

Thanks a lot! it ended being way simpler than intended but hey, it was to be expected in a jam

There might be a bug there. I've definitely put a sideways card on the next higher card and then "untapped" it without any issues.

I agree that cards scoring automatically feels like that could soft-lock you; both games I won I was in a situation were a card I wanted to use would instead auto-score itself. I found other ways to work without those, but yeah, scoring feels more risky than expected.

Please add more levels :P

Great twist on the "color paths" mechanism! This would totally kill all those other games on mobile XD

I don't usually write comments, but I think I should probably change that, and your game seems like the perfect starting point. It really is something special.

Kudos too for adding it to the bundle despite it being so recent.

What a clever little game!