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ui needs work, there isn't enough feedback to your actions. e.g. drawing a rune while you dont have any spells should do something. do more with gestures, like using the mouse to cast instead of a button press, or crossing out all the runes to cancel a spell. maybe a tutorial

this is so good. I can't believe you implemented that ridiculous control scheme and actually made it work. it was intuitive to use after just a minute. it just clicked. tutorial is gold, but it's SO IMPORTANT that I feel you should make it part of the campaign, just give the user a prompt ("Skip tutorial?") after the first time

don't tell anyone but this is easily my favorite game in dd12

thank you! yeah, a lot of people had trouble with the controls, although they're kinda unique by design (jam games woo) they're presented poorly and that's on me.  I'm looking forward to revisiting Idra to fix those issues and give it a little extra polish

this is pretty odd. I'm inclined to think its the baked shadows since unlit objects such as the noticeboard display fine. thank you for the elaborate bug report!

thank you for playing. the bread puzzle should be less tricky for a first challenge, sorry it gave you trouble

thank you, I'm glad to hear that! we're still working on electra on and off. meanwhile if you haven't played pip sweep, you might like that one too.

the top locker is rigged so that it launches the bread in the correct direction. admittedly the puzzle is a bit more convoluted than necessary and it should be easier in the next version! (whenever that is)

these jam games are pretty rough, you don't have to review it! I really appreciate your writeup for Idra but it's good enough knowing someone played it and found it interesting or worth their time. thank you

oh man, I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to make a video. I don't want to get sidetracked too much from my team project, but I promise I'll be finishing at least the one level. please look forward to it and thank you!

controller support is REALLY spotty right now, free aim flat out doesn't work on some gamepads. we're improving it for the next demo in about a month. hope you're looking forward to it, and thanks for playing!