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Great atmosphere and creepy/creative use of the theme. Would love to see this idea of a horror game show expanded upon into a larger game. Really good use of sound and loved the design of the main bad guy. One thing I will say is that some of the text can be hard to read on the first note and the final bit of dialogue. Otherwise really great!

Interesting idea and works most of the time, but I eventually died because so many enemy ships spawned on top me at once and just started shooting me while I was in the shop screen and didn't have time to get out and respond lol

Managed to get to level 4 and had a good time with the game... BUT IT IS SO HARD... Main issue is how much the cube slides with even the slightest touch, but perhaps that's part of the appeal. I might suggest having a few simpler levels to get used to the controls before becoming so hard. Level 2 is already a huge difficulty wall that I barely got pass after trying repeatedly.

A simple quiz game but mostly works well. One bug I did find is that if you answer a question wrong, fail, go to main menu, and start again then the selections will still be marked red for wrong. Good effort though!

Interesting idea and fun visuals. A nice dark take on the theme. Biggest issue I have is with the controls. I wanted to keep playing further and further into the game but the controls became so frustrating that I stopped before the end. Love the actual puzzle design though.

I really enjoy the main idea of the game. I think it would be good to add some kind of mechanic where the shows end after a set time instead of having us click the button to make it go along. This would allow it to feel like the show is actually airing on television. Besides that maybe add in some perks or something to buy with the money rather than just using it to make more shows. Love the game so far and can't wait to see what it grows into!

Thank you i'm glad you enjoyed it! I agree that the various interactions need to be made more clear. Hoping to add a better tutorial and some tooltips after jam voting is over

I do plan on working on it post jam because I ended up much happier with the mechanics than I expected, but I agree they need to be better conveyed to the players. Thank you for playing!

Yea I agree I need a way to make the mechanics more clear. I plan to go back and add some tooltips or a better tutorial

Interesting idea, but I wish there was some indicator for when I can look at the survey. Like a screen showing the host looking away from his monitor meaning he can't see me cheating. As of right now I just kinda look at the survey and hope it doesn't say "no cheating". Overall still fun and love the base premise!

After playing again I do think it was the reload mechanic. I didn't notice on first play but I think you are right that a sound effect could help make that clearer. Also yea the time pressure of a game jam will definitely make it so there are things left that you wish you could do lol

A ton of fun! Really like the idea and felt like something that I could see being an actual game show. Also really liked the touch of having the lights follow you character making you feel like the focus of a set. If you continued to expand on this game I would say just work on adding more variety to obstacles as the game continues to make sure it stays interesting. What you have so far is really fun though

Love the idea! Was rather difficult since you are immediately attacked before even getting a chance to get used to the controls, but still rather fun. Not sure if this was just a problem for me because I was playing on a laptop but the fire button seemed to occasionally stop working for several seconds making moments where I was essentially defenseless. Overall love the idea and could see it being great if expanded on!

Really unique idea! I could see this being amazing with continued work put in. The biggest things that I would do is make it so your character can fire in all directions as it feels really limited right now since it doesn't turn to face up or down. The other thing is to add a sound effect to the laser

Really enjoyed playing through it. The art was fun and the actual courses had good variety between them. One thing I would try to improve is make it clearer that the hydrants will cause damage. I didn't realize at first they were an obstacle and just ran right into them.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

Really fun, all the minigames are fun... except the cows... It takes way longer than the other tasks which can be frustrating in a timed game and the way the space ship keeps sliding makes me keep dropping cows... The art, sound, and all the other games besides the cow one are great though!

Fun even if basic. Once you learn how to keep the hoop going it can be continued fairly easily. Maybe add in some obstacles or something to mix it up?

Honestly one of my favorite games i've played so far! I could see myself buying this as an actual game if there were some more levels and a few more obstacles added in as it went along! Loved the art, gameplay was really fun, love the theme. All around great!

A lot of fun and enjoy the art. A few moments where the bouncing blades got stuck bouncing between two obstacles making them a non threat but overall very few flaws. Great game!

love the dialogue and humor, art style is fun too. Game play is simple but still fun enough

fun game overall, very replayable... bot is a little too good though even on easy which can get a little frustrating. Still really enjoyed it. Nice art too

Art was great! Wish there was a little more feedback when I hit something and maybe some kind of counter for the lives. I didn't even realize I could take multiple hits for a long time so I just avoided everything, which I would have probably done anyways but would have been nice to know

Great art and humor! The text box being always present made some parts a little hard to see. You could try making it only appear when there is actual text being said. The wall jumping aspect of the game was the strongest part so i would put more focus on that than the jumping over gaps part, but overall had a fun time!

Really well made. Loved the art and sounds, and the minigames that are present are a lot of fun. Would love a few more added in but i understand time constraints of a jam can limit that. The one part I didn't enjoy was the present game where I would just randomly lose a heart.

Thanks i'm glad you enjoyed it! I know there is definitely some polishing that needs to be done and as some people have pointed out I need to make the mechanics a bit clearer, but i'm still proud of what I got done and glad that you liked it!

yea i need to work on making the mechanics clearer. Still thank you for playing and having fun!

hmm, weird... I will look into it and see what I can do to fix it. Thanks!

yea there are definitely a few issues that need to be ironed out and I do want to keep working on it, so thank you for trying it out and giving feedback!

really creative and amazing what you got done during the jam. A few parts that felt a little bit rushed, but totally understandable with the time restrictions. Would love to see how this game looks after some polish! Overall one of the best/most complete feeling games i've played so far!

Fun game with good humor and good puzzles. Not exactly sure about the game show element, but could easily be turned into a gameshow theme with just a little bit of dialogue explaining you are on a game show and the narrator is the host of the show.

The concept is amazing, but needs a bit more polish a clear tutorial. I was very confused as to what was happening at first and took some time to realize what was going on. Would love to see the idea expanded upon though!

A great start! Love the audio design! The artwork also has a fun charm to it. I think the idea is great, but agree that there should be some more variety thrown in. Whether that be more things going wrong rather than just the computer or maybe adding minigames to each task to complete. With that said I actually really enjoyed playing this and the fact that you built this within the time constraints of a jam is super awesome! Good job!

Fun idea and good execution. Controls feel a bit stiff but consistent so you can get used to them. Overall good idea and with some polish to the controls could be a lot of fun

Fun idea and generally seems good. Can be a little frustrating at times because it is hard to tell where you are going to land and can be hard to judge jump distance at times, but overall controls work and feel good. Maybe add a clearer drop shadow or some other indicator of where the player will land. Becomes easier the more you play but at first it can be very difficult. Overall fun though

Love the idea, found it absolutely hilarious to have to keep playing the game show while escaping. I agree that it could be fun to add some more variety to the platforming sections, but I wouldn't make them too complicated since the core of the game seems to be more on the humor.

Thanks so much! It was my first time making music so i'm glad it turned out ok! The pathfinding was the toughest part to work on for me. Could you tell me which door was causing the problem? Was it the door with the button that needs to be pressed or the vine doors that require the knife to cut?

It felt like I wasn't always hitting the enemy when I thought I should be, but it wasn't horribly off, just a little off making it feel odd. Still a lot of fun and I could see it becoming even better with further polish

Interesting concept. Like the idea of controlling the randomness with cards and if you expand upon this further i would develop more cards and put the emphasis there. That seems like a fun idea.