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Nice game. 

thank you for the comment

Nice game. I like it 👍

Thanks for the comments 👍

How can i destroy dummies?

Nice idea. I have to write it down :) The music was also nice.

Great atmosphere and the drug of speed. I couldn't find anything to destroy :(

Great atmosphere. I liked the wind.

Gooooood :)

I like it :)

I was in a hurry to shoot :) Nice game.

Nice atmosphere in the game :)

Nice game :) i didn't make it :(

Nice game. I liked it. Do you plan to continue developing the game?

Thank you for the comment. As soon as the voting ends, there will be an update to the game :)

Yes. I can be a beta tester.  Is putting a game up for sale a difficult process?

A really great game idea. The propeller and air bubbles were good. However, I got stuck on the wall. It would be good to have a reverse gear.

Interesting game :)

I liked the map too. The game idea is also good. The music was also very suitable for the game. This is good to continue.

Thank you for the comment.  The music has been retrieved from the internet.

Nice work :)

Gooooood :)

I like it. The tasks were fun :)

Nice idea. What assets did you use?

Good game :)

Oujee :)

Very nice game :)

I was thinking the same :)

Nice. I like it.

Nice sounds

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The full-screen button should now be visible at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Outs.  I didn't take that into account.  Thank you.  Gotta fix that.

Thank you for the comment.

Thank you for the comment.  Grandma lives on the other side of the forest like Little Red Riding Hood :)

Thank you for the comment :)

Awesome :) A lot of effort has gone into it. I liked the game. There was one error, or I don't know if it's an error. When the ghost attacked the game froze.

A psychedelic game. I liked it. A counter would be nice.

p.s. I have the same type of game :)

Nice atmosphere in the game. The grub was scary :)

I liked the game. Great work, nice idea and also fun :). There was an error at the end of the game?? See the picture.

I liked the game. Good job :)