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Probably my favorite Kultisti game so far, and overall one of my favorite games on Itch.
I'd love to play a more fleshed out, commercial version of Curseball (and I think it'd be great on Switch as well). Even in its current state, this game already delivers more than many paid titles. Everything, from the menu to the carefully implemented gameplay features, screams polish and excellent design.

Another hit by one of the most talented indie devs out there.

Amazing! Each level feels like a different mini-game inside the game. I especially like the "What is That?" level that brought an interesting twist to the gameplay loop.

I wished the game had keyboard controls for restarting / selecting levels, but that is admittedly a nitpick.

I'm always impressed on how Kultisti can take a simple core mechanic and masterfully explore it without overshawoding it with new features or mechanics. They're my favorite dev / designer and their work inspired me to create my own stuff and to try and find my own voice / aesthetic in my own pieces.

Thank you for another awesome game, Kultisti, please keep making them <3

Impeccable. Another great little masterpiece. Please keep 'em coming!

This is one of my favorite Kultisti games, definitely the one I felt most comfortable with. I like taking my time with puzzles and doing a bit of trial and error, and Skele Magic seems to welcome this approach.

I felt there were multiple ways to solve each puzzle, which makes for a more relaxed experience in my opinion. It also helps that it's very satisfying to simply move and jump around each level, since, as usual, there's a lot of polish.

I hope you keep making games, Kultisti, they're very pleasing and to play and are also great sources of inspiration. Thank you :)

Very good level design and platform movement! I think you nailed the parameters (gravity, acceleration / deceleration, speed, jump height, etc), which I believe helped you to play around with the gameplay mechanics in a more creative way, making a simple experience very satisfying — for instance, having the player fall then double-jump to pick up coins in some particular spots, which is not something we see too often in this kind of game.

The pixel art is great as well, very charming, it definitely matches the mood and the action.

The only nitpick I have is with the controls / input — I think for any platformer it's better to have the jump button somewhere else in the keyboard layout, not just in the "W" key. I understand this is mainly personal preference, but it can't hurt to give the player options (and since you use Construct 3, it's super easy to implement).

Great job, especially for a first game! 

Hey! Thank you for the feedback. You might be right about that. We didn't have too much time to properly balance out the game, but we can revisit it post-jam. Thank you for playing <3

This game offers such an absorbing gameplay experience! I'd add some sort of more in-depth tutorial to prevent people from giving up before understanding the game.

I think the font is not appropriate for your UI since the coordinates are super important to the game play, especially because you used 0 and 8 for the coordinates, and it can be tough to differentiate between the two numbers. Personally, I like using the fonts created by Void for smaller resolutions :)

Overall, this is an awesome game and I'd surely go back to play more if more content is added.

I love your 1-bit style, keep it up <3

Great level design, love the minimalist art style!

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Great art and atmosphere! I had a tough time getting escaping the prison because the code order wasn't clear to me.

Awesome experience, super polished and complete! I love the fact that the movement is slower than the usual action puzzle platformer, it gave the gameplay a different pacing that was very welcome. Very cool!

Great concept and design, I'm impressed by how you were able to make the light backtracking fun! I love the art style as well :)

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Superb experience, great puzzle design :)
What do you use to make sound / music? Also, do you have any tips on how to design good puzzles?

Simple game loop with sweet unlockables to make it addicting. Very complete and elegant design, with a lot of juice and polish, especially for a jam game. Another hit by Kultisti!

Really? I thought it was a great twist that added to the growing weird atmosphere of the world. Also, who's to say the giant-thing isn't the player's pet, dog, friend or father? :)

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Such a great little experience! I love the mood, the art, the story, the length. Pure, short and straightforward piece which still did not fail to leave that lingering warmth in my heart and mind that is the mark of great story-driven games. 10/10

Another hit by Kultisti! Such a great experimental little game, with amazing art and mood. I love the simple yet innovative puzzle design. The gameplay made me feel smart without being too tough — it's very fluid and welcoming, but still challenging.

Awesome concept, superb level design.
A level editor would be a great addition if you're looking to keep working on the game. This game is a great example of how to experiment with something new without trying to reinvent the wheel.

Thank you so much for playing and commenting! Will definitely work on variety in a future version, thank you for the feedback <3

Such a great and innovative gameplay experience! Hope you keep working on it, it gave me serious "There is No Game" vibes!

It is endless, for now. I will add some sort of ending in the future, though :)
Thank you for playing <3

YAY! I had a great time making this game and it's so good to know you took the time to play it — and even enjoy it.

Thank you for playing, man <3

Sooo funny, I love the concept! Super tough though, I only got to the 4th or 5th shape. Reminded me of Monolith somehow, have you played it?

Also, you should add a link to the LD 48 jam page, it makes easier to find the game (and rate).

This is great, I had a lot of fun with the game! Great concept, super funny! Just wished it had a separate score for how deep you go.

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Another masterpiece by Kultisti. It's amazing how you manage to stay true to your art style and design aesthetics without ever staying repetitive. Please keep making games. This one could easily be expanded into a commercial title with features like meta progression and a level editor. Amazing work!

This is ridiculously good. I especially love the off-beat pixel art and animations, congratulations!

I'm amazed by this, super inspiring and original. The grame evokes a Broughlike feeling while introducing a whole new mechanic to the genre. You even made the .c3p public, you're awesome! Thank you and congratulations <3

Such a great, valuable answer -- a perfect way to summarize the beginning of the game dev journey. This is gold <3

Superb minimalistic experience, great sprites, fun mechanics and gameplay. Loved everything about this. Thank you for creating this game <3

This is absurdly good, I love the concept and the gameplay feels super fun!

I believe having some sort of limitation to the parachute, such as a timer or cooldown bar, would be a welcome addition to the difficulty, if you're looking to iterate on this. Would love to see more stages / difficulties. Awesome job as usual <3

This is one of the best games I've ever played, period. Would love to see a commercial, fleshed out version of this.

Awesome game, I love how you managed to create an interesting enviroment with minimal 1-bit art. Surprisingly complete for a jam game, congratulations!

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What an awesome mechanic, idea, art style. Playing your games have been very inspiring for me, thank you for making and finishing them!

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I've been looking for a barebones, stripped-down roguelike, and that's basically what I've been looking for, thank you for making this!

Now for some unsolicited feedback hehe -- I personally think gameplay would be better with NumPad / Calculator movement (8-directions) and maybe with a "Wait" button or similar. But that's more personal taste to be honest and I can totally get behind not using them as a counscious design decision.

Awesome work!

Thank you so much for your comment, feedback, and for the enemy ghost art <3

Wow this is a pretty complete and very well polished game.
The hand drawn art style is very compelling and matches the theme, the animations are on point and the puzzles are very well designed. I especially like the "insect flying together" mechanic. You even added localization / translation, nice! I could easily see losing myself for a good amount of hours in this game. Congratulations!

Heey thank you for playing and for the valuable feedback!
Also, great suggestion on the levels cycling horizontally, will look into implementing that :)

Great idea, very well executed. I especially love the music, art and level design. I had some trouble hitting the correct key at times, I wonder if having the color keys at "Q-W-E-R" instead of "1-2-3-4" would help at all.
Please make a bigger game out of this if you have the chance, I'd love to play more :)

Great concept, reminded me of an old game I played as a kid called "Pipe Dreams". The idea of using trains is very interesting and fitting to the mechanic, and I also loved the pixel art and train animation. Would gladly play a full game if it's ever released :)