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You should be able to grab onto them by holding the spacebar when you're behind them

I had some trouble with getting the candy to the customer, I picked it up but I couldn't figure out how to give it to them.

This is amazing fun! I loved the voice acting of the little pirates on the ship.

hey, if you're interested I can do art. you can check my itch profile to see some of my previous work. I also have some other stuff on my website,

Thank you for the feedback! we did consider coloring the slimes from other dimensions but decided against it as it would go against the "only one color" theme. in the end we didn't feel like it had a big impact on the gameplay since it's very easy to switch colors and there's no form of cooldown on it.

The switching is by scrolling the mouse wheel, not by clicking it. perhaps that could have been made more clear. I appreciate the feedback though!

it's a really amazing concept! there is a bit of a patern to it right now where you can just pump constantly while the light is green and hold it once it turns yellow, which will keep the balloon up and the pump full, so it gets repetitive fast. if you were planning to expand on this it would be neat to maybe add more games and switch them out, or add some random chance to it, like events that can score you points.

Märk Märk Märk. MärkMärk Märk!

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am I doing something wrong? it's just a black screen for me.

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it got fixed a couple minutes after I sent out that message, but I've also uploaded the game straight to itch now to make sure there aren't any problems at all anymore with popup blockers. It should be working fine now.

if I'm honest it's not a very spectacular game. you just drive circles on a very short track. more eyecandy than substance.

looked into it and seems the file got taken offline by accident by the website owner. should be fixed soon.

Try to disable any popup blockers you have enabled. the game is hosted on an external website that the download button links to.

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the download should be in a popup, because I provided itch my own download link instead of uploading the game straight to itch. Try disabling any popup blockers.