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very cute concept - very well done for a jam game.
After three tries, though, I'd say I've had my fill xd

stunning. I love it.

I didn't even know you could still make games for the SNES!
this is a very exciting prospect - and I agree, making new games for old consoles is the best way to keep them alive!
thank you so much for making this, and thereby giving me the opportunity to learn about this.
maybe someday I'll be a good enough programmer to make a SNES game myself.

I like your style.

I don't have internet for long but I will come back in a few months and leave a comment then, when I have more time

haha yeah! The title is all nicely drawn on the cover... but it's not in the game.
If I'd come up with the idea a little sooner, I'd have had a little more polish, but 12 hours before the deadline is a bit scarce.
I'm happy you think it suits the theme - my other ideas were a bit off, so I was worried about this one, too.

This is pure genius.
I find it strange, though, that it's easier to play with only 1 key.