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Looking forward to it! Any plans after the DLC? Such as merch? Collabs? I wouldn't mind rocking a Bonnie's Bakery tee. Anyway, best wishes on the release!

That was great! I love horror stories that involve a family. Happy that this one had more than one ending! Regarding the slasher genre of horror games, I'd say you're currently my favorite! Haven't seen very many new games like this in the last three years. LOVED that frequency puzzle!

I thought there would be more Let's Players who saw this by now; very slept on. I very much enjoyed it especially the use of audio to frighten the player! It's something very few developers touch on.

Loved the Melissa diskette, but this is the one! I really really enjoyed it! Engaging story with the jumpscare zaps that reminded me that it's more than just what it's meant to be. Now, I'm pumped to see the next one!

Ayy! The creator of Baldina! Been a hot minute since I've heard from you; I gotta remember to follow developers more often. Anyway, challenging horror games are my thing, so I gave it a play! Hope you have a good one!

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It's a minor bug: the E button when interacting with notes and number pad doesn't work after going into the settings during the night time scene, but clicking on a note in the notes panel where you read them seems to fix the issue.

It's my first visual novel that's just a totally random, spoopy, silly hiking trip with a woman you met at a parking lot.

I'm just a Let's Player who decided to be in the shoes of a game developer.

Yes! I've been waiting for a Twitter page! Looking forward to the DLC and main game updates. I'm working on a quick silly mod for the game right now. Hope to see some merch in the future.

Don't usually leave comments, but I noticed after digging a little deeper into the game that there's a secret ending; is that possible to get at the moment? I'll wait for a finished build to make a second video. Such a fantastic game! Hope to see more like these!

Got a little frustrated with that part too, but I just finished it not too long ago. Click the middle wheel on the mouse and left and right arrow keys to choose which valve to use.

The main menu works fine, but I'm getting a black screen when I start up the game.

I don’t often post on this website, but I really do think this game deserves MUCH more recognition. I adore this game and would very much love to see more! These text-based games are underrated.

Any hints for getting the secret ending? I've got them all except for that one and I've been searching around for the last two hours.

I get an error message when I run the game.

From the concept alone, I'm giving this the rating for best game. I've already played the updated version of this game after this video, so it's too bad I never actually got to finish it in video due to the interaction bug..But this is close enough right? This game was slightly reminiscent to my experience in Babysitter Bloodbath and Stay Out of the House, and I thought you made this pretty straightforward especially with the objective on the top right. Hope to see more projects similar to this one!

It isn't much, but it is suffice to get me back on my feet after playing another horror game that made me feel defeated. I'm unsure if there's any further gameplay outside of the PSP; I've messed with the coding a bit to keep myself in the game and have had no luck finding anything. I don't have much feedback to give aside from maybe amped up difficulty on the PSP Project Diva gameplay and maybe more outside gameplay of the PSP with another survival ending. Overall, I loved this and would like to see more projects in the future! Oh, and have fun at AWA! I'll be out there too!

That was rough, but I managed to beat it.  The enemy spoilers really helped with the gameplay. I noticed an unintentional bug where the mouse doesn't show up sometimes when running the arcade, but that's the only minor issue that can be denoted. Not the most difficult game I've played, but it is pretty luck based.

This was fantastic! Everything blended in so well with this game! Unfortunately, I only had enough time in the day to get three endings. I'll keep my eyes out if you guys ever decide to make a first person horror game that's similar to ImScared.

I strongly enjoyed this! Personally, I think this is the coolest unique horror game I've played. The idea is like Baldi's Basics where an uncommon topic takes on horror and I'd wish to see more like that. I know of a developer that tweeted about a bowling horror game, but that never came around to development.

I loved this! For an undergraduate final project, this one took my breath away. Gave me some White Day vibes. I do hope we all see longer projects in the future because you guys make an excellent team.

Wasn't easy, but managed to complete the game. Game is A LOT more luck based than Baldi's Basics, but not insuperable in any way.

Oh man, this one is much more difficult than the last update. Is there a way to avoid the chef when he grabs and cooks you? That keeps happening to me every 7 minutes into the game and I feel helpless. Also, thank you very much for adding me to that thank you list on the main menu!

In my opinion, the best Baldi's Basics inspired game. The graphics remind me a lot of The Mask Reveals Disgusting Face and how I'm limited in time to answer the math problems builds more anxiety than the think pad. Most definitely looking forward to an update!

I'm kinda lost after the 9th notebook. I found the door key, but it doesn't seem to interact with anything. Also, the soda didn't do anything for me; was under the impression that it would shoot Viktor down the hall, but nothing came up.

This video should help with that.

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What a wild journey this was! I never thought I would say this, but I survived the school hallways haha. It really did help to take time away from playing this.

I have a question, is the real exit door randomly generated? I’ve played this for 15 hours straight now and all of the exits I saw on the map have tricked me.

Looking forward to the next update! I have not had a challenge like this since Slender: The Eight Pages. I will continue to play this until I beat it. And if you run a merch store with designs over this game, then I will gladly purchase a t-shirt.

I'm currently trying to beat this, so I'm keeping the playthrough on hold. Is the soda supposed to push Baldi back? I kept using it on him and it just goes through him.

I loved this one! I don't know what it is, but it had some replay value to it. I noticed the layout of the map is very similar to the Garry's Mod Courage map. I'm really hoping there's more Courage involved in your work because this turned out to be my favorite so far. My only issue with this game is that there's no windowed mode option which made it a little frustrating to switch the game to different monitors.

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I LOVE games like this especially if it's Spongebob related. The map reminds me a lot like the one I saw on Garry's Mod. Hope to see more projects over our childhood favorites!

Slightly except the Hash Slinging Slasher looks perfect from what I saw of him. Hopefully I didn't sound offensive. I strongly enjoyed the game!

I really do appreciate short horror games like this especially over my favorite childhood shows. The cut-scene at the beginning was quite astounding; really threw a flashback to that Hash Slinging Slasher episode. Hope to see more short ones like these!

I didn't realize this was a student assignment until I decided to throw a comment here. In that case, this was awesome! Preferably, I find serial killers to create a much more frightening environment than the undead. I still find this to be acceptable though.

I really enjoyed this demo! It's incredibly lengthy for what it has to offer so far. I don't play very many 2D horror games, but I personally can't imagine any other games of that style to be as good as this. Is the full game going to cost money? I wouldn't mind paying for it. I would absolute LOVE to finish this.

I fairly enjoyed this for it to only be in early development. The passcode puzzle was fun! I liked having to grasp my memory for those digits.

My playthrough of Bonbon with a tiny parody skit to it. My standards are usually high for indie horror games, but I fairly enjoyed this.

I fairly enjoyed this game. As far as fourth wall breaking goes, I prefer this instead of games like ImScared.exe or ISeeYou.exe. A false desktop is fine by me!