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Slightly except the Hash Slinging Slasher looks perfect from what I saw of him. Hopefully I didn't sound offensive. I strongly enjoyed the game!

I really do appreciate short horror games like this especially over my favorite childhood shows. The cut-scene at the beginning was quite astounding; really threw a flashback to that Hash Slinging Slasher episode. Hope to see more short ones like these!

I didn't realize this was a student assignment until I decided to throw a comment here. In that case, this was awesome! Preferably, I find serial killers to create a much more frightening environment than the undead. I still find this to be acceptable though.

I really enjoyed this demo! It's incredibly lengthy for what it has to offer so far. I don't play very many 2D horror games, but I personally can't imagine any other games of that style to be as good as this. Is the full game going to cost money? I wouldn't mind paying for it. I would absolute LOVE to finish this.

I fairly enjoyed this for it to only be in early development. The passcode puzzle was fun! I liked having to grasp my memory for those digits.
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Excellent work! Especially hearing no experience with Unity is impressive. I'm feeling optimistic about yourprojects.

Created a new topic Bonbon Playthrough [Spoilers]

My playthrough of Bonbon with a tiny parody skit to it. My standards are usually high for indie horror games, but I fairly enjoyed this.

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I fairly enjoyed this game. As far as fourth wall breaking goes, I prefer this instead of games like ImScared.exe or ISeeYou.exe. A false desktop is fine by me!

I enjoyed this and that's saying a lot because I'm typically unsatisfied by a lot of the horror games I play. Very well put together for less than 24 hours.