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I didn't realize this was a student assignment until I decided to throw a comment here. In that case, this was awesome! Preferably, I find serial killers to create a much more frightening environment than the undead. I still find this to be acceptable though.

I really enjoyed this demo! It's incredibly lengthy for what it has to offer so far. I don't play very many 2D horror games, but I personally can't imagine any other games of that style to be as good as this. Is the full game going to cost money? I wouldn't mind paying for it. I would absolute LOVE to finish this.

I fairly enjoyed this for it to only be in early development. The passcode puzzle was fun! I liked having to grasp my memory for those digits.
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Excellent work! Especially hearing no experience with Unity is impressive. I'm feeling optimistic about yourprojects.

Created a new topic Bonbon Playthrough [Spoilers]

My playthrough of Bonbon with a tiny parody skit to it. My standards are usually high for indie horror games, but I fairly enjoyed this.

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I enjoyed that. Quality is on point. Could be a lot scarier, but that's not much of my concern at all. The only part that bothered me about the game is when the game ended and it would automatically go to fullscreen on the main menu. Otherwise, that was great.


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I fairly enjoyed this game. As far as fourth wall breaking goes, I prefer this instead of games like ImScared.exe or ISeeYou.exe. A false desktop is fine by me!

I enjoyed this and that's saying a lot because I'm typically unsatisfied by a lot of the horror games I play. Very well put together for less than 24 hours.