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I remember playing this before.. It was free on gamejolt I think

Glad you think so! :D

A few weeks ago, I made a basic asset package for the community, which is now available for free.
Since then, I have been working to expand this to a point which, I believe makes it one of the better asset packs on
Its also very cheap at $2.50.

I have published a game along side it as an example of what can be done with  this asset package. Links below: - Playable game - Asset package

Another inside joke - Casual player has no idea what this is.

Haha .. Yeah I'm just a bit narcoleptic sometimes.
I did enjoy your game so hope my yawning didnt offend you. 

I did enjoy a casual play of this game. It had good atmosphere.

I really enjoyed this one.

Below is a scene I created in unity, using the assets from the package I have made available for free download.

If you would like to use them in your project, feel free to do so. Link below

I am open to expanding this package if it gets any attention. 
Thanks for looking.

Yeah that was literally the only thing I could say detracted from the game.
I've been playing a few games on itch and this one is still the best i've played so far. Cheers.

I had a relatively decent time playing this game but I think the best advice I can offer, in hindsight is to sit down and put onto paper, exactly what it is you're trying to achieve because the over all effect of the game is really scattered.

And here's Part 2.

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Okay, So here's Part 1 ...

I think the video covers my thoughts on the game. - I think this was a good opportunity to learn the basics.

I really enjoyed this. Its a neat little horror game, wrapped up with a lovely wordy-poem bow. Only thing I'd say, is the Plague Cherub could really do with idle animation, influenced by direction of movement. That would be cool.
Nice set up - Nice gameplay - Nice relevant ending to tie it all up.

Effective atmosphere.