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Oh cool then I'll start working on a new release!

This game is so cool! I felt like I was Mega Man combined with The Mandalorian! Rad vibes!

I've never encountered that bug, so I don't exactly know how to fix it, sorry about that.

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for the playing the game and I'm excited you enjoyed it!

Yeah I'm going to fix the respawn in the next patch, as for the controller, I need to figure out how to program that for browser builds.

Yeah the stun and the respawn are the two biggest problems I have with the game.

The res pawn I'm currently working on, and the stun I just need to adjust the value, so odds are both of those things will be released in the next patch.

I need to find out if I can modify the game during the jam or not.

Thanks for the criticism, and for playing the game! I'm super glad you liked it!

This is an amazing game! I love the simplicity of the controls, and how well executed the game was. 

Thanks! I would love to work with you again, take care

I was waiting on my composer to get me the tracks but I wanted to submit just in case the time ran out. I'm planning on releasing a sound update soon, so be on the lookout for that

Cool thanks! As far as parameters go, the theme of my game is very Super Mario Land-esque, so anything that sounds like it could come out of a gameboy would be cool. I'd like the level theme to be a little frantic as well, as if the song is urging the player forward. And you can just submit it here whenever you're finished.

Thanks again and I can't wait to hear what you come up with!

Hey man, loved your track. I was wondering if I could get two themes. One for a title screen, and one for a level.

I've seen lots of games go for replay value over length. So arcade-style games like Asteroids or Space invaders, were there aren't really levels, but rather the difficulty ramps up over time work well. Games that go for length usually have like a couple of levels that are short and intense. Overall most games are like five-to-ten minutes, at least from what I've seen

Thanks for the feedback! This was one of my first games, so as a starting point I felt it worked, but I do agree that some parts did just feel off

2Pacman is such an incredibly good name

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Did you get an error message or something?

Love the flashlight effect!

Like Mario Maker on the NES


Yeah the jump attack wasn't working, so I just make the excuse that it wouldn't be feasible to swing a sword in the air. Of course this is a video game.

Thanks! This was my first game making actual "bosses", and I'm pretty happy with the end result

I love the ground for this game. It really feels like playing SMB3. And those scene transitions especially  feel straight out of SMB3.

Love the landscape, looks like a pixelated painting

I love the graphics, the background especially looks like early NES backgrounds. Plus all the dinosaurs are wonderfully colored

A spiritual successor to Missile Command that's just as captivating. 

This is a total achievement! It feels similar to games like F-Zero or Pilotwings, which tried to replicate 3D graphics but still felt like old-school 2D games.

This is a great game, it really reproduces that feel of Gauntlet or those other top down fantasy style games. Love the graphic effects.

Glad to hear it!

Good game

This game is awesome! I love how it's small, but really addictive. And the world is cute and reminds me of a mobile adventure game! Good job!

This is an awesome game. The physics are really fun to play with and work out, the task system is easy to understand, and the magnet is awesome! Can't wait to finish all the levels! And the atmosphere is great too! (Thanks for having all platforms, even mobile)

This is an amazing game! Really reminds me of doom. I love the aesthetic, and all the controls are really well mapped and the xbox control isn't bad at all. Would love to see more.

That actually was kinda the style I was going for. Maybe not total knock-off, but more something that could have been made by Capcom in the earlier days of their development.

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Dungeon Adventures is a retro-styled video game that plays like a cross between Mega Man and Zelda II. There are three characters in which to conquer dungeon after dungeon with. There's no game overs, you decide when to stop. Please tell me what you think in the comments. (Suggestions for more content welcome!)