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Very fun! Beaten in 21:51 the first time

Thank you very much. That's one of the disadvantages when working on Windows.. :/
I'm not sure I'm allowed to change the game page after submissions are ended so here is a link to the fixed (I hope) version :
I'm also going to use this comment to inform that the game isn't currently playable at all (at this point it's a weird spinning top customization simulator). Keys are WASD and FC for camera movements.

haem... *cough* *cough* budgetissues *cough* *cough* :p

The music is a variant of a recent project of mine :, that I modified to make it more "stressful" and eerie.
I've posted the track in the game here : :)

Wow, thank you so much for your review!! It means a huge deal. I'm extremely happy you enjoyed my game so much. 😊

Thank you very much! I tried to compensate for my lack of pixel art drawing abilities haha.

Thanks, it means a lot!

Thanks! It's a shame you couldn't submit your game in time, it's nice!

Thank you ! Haha yeah, it's quite hard to protect the house without accidentally turning it into a barbecue. ;)

Thank you very much!