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I'm sorry but I'm no longer working on the project.

The source code for the Android client is available if anyone else want to pick it up.

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Sure, u are free to do so if u want.

I had to take the public server down tough. :(
But you can host your own. (The server is included.)

The client/frontends are OpenSource so you can play around with them if you want.


Sorry no. I have not done anything since the rc3 release. If you watch the GitHub repo you will see when stuff gets comitted.

There has been limited interest in this game. So I don't know when I will get around to do any more updates.

Thanks for your interest!

Version 0.0.1-rc.3 is released.

It contains minor build fixes for Linux including new .flatpak builds for those who are not using snap's. The .deb build is now removed.

Hi Invaderzimnerd!

I have looked at enabling the virtual keyboard for the Android version. Unfortunately this requires some changes to the rendering (caused by the a settings in the manifest) that would require more time for me to figure out. I much rather spend the time I have in improving the game it self.

Sorry if this is disappointing to you...
I'll promise to let you know when I do more updates to the Android version.

At least it got me thinking.... and I think I'll implement a custom keyboard ingame.


Sorry for the late response.

I just got back from vacation so I have not had any time to spend on my games. I'll try to add the "backend" code for the keyboard next week.
But I'm not sure how the well it will work... Perhaps there are some more PC like keyboard you can download on Android for playing games on...?

I will do some maintenance on the client code when I get back from my vacation (sometime during August) I'll do an experiment with the virtual keyboard then. If it is not too much work I'll add it for you to test and if it works I'll add it in the next release.


There is no keyboard support in the Android version yet. So there will not be any virtual keyboard displayed.
I'll put this on the prio list if this is something you want to try.

Don't know how well this will play on a phone with a virtual keyboard tough. :)

I do not have a dev plan for this game. But if enough people like it I might put some time in.

I will take note that this is something that you would like to see and make sure it gets a prio bump.

It is actually already there. :) But there is no keyboard support in the Android app at the moment so you can't access the menus.

Not sure how I should do it... The simplest way is to popup a virtual keyboard. But I'm not sure that would be good enough. The Android version was just a proof-of-concept so I never intended it to be used for anything else then observing others play.

Do you use a phone or a tablet for playing?

Glad you like it. The mobile version would need a lot of work to be "mobile friendly" but at least it works. :)
Things are moving quite slow during the summer but hopefully I will have some time to work on my games later this year.

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