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A fantasy world simulator game. · By Andreas Jonsson

Virtual keyboard

A topic by Invaderzimnerd created Aug 10, 2018 Views: 97 Replies: 4
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are u gonna add the virtual keyboard for me to test soon?



Sorry for the late response.

I just got back from vacation so I have not had any time to spend on my games. I'll try to add the "backend" code for the keyboard next week.
But I'm not sure how the well it will work... Perhaps there are some more PC like keyboard you can download on Android for playing games on...?

i have tried but they are all not able to work or aren't onscreen I will wait and hope thank you for responding


Hi Invaderzimnerd!

I have looked at enabling the virtual keyboard for the Android version. Unfortunately this requires some changes to the rendering (caused by the a settings in the manifest) that would require more time for me to figure out. I much rather spend the time I have in improving the game it self.

Sorry if this is disappointing to you...
I'll promise to let you know when I do more updates to the Android version.

At least it got me thinking.... and I think I'll implement a custom keyboard ingame.

I will wait I am a very patient person