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Pretty cool short Undertale fangame made in the GZDoom engine although admittedly I had to save scum the boss fight between phases on normal even with the weapons from the Wolfenstein 3D-ish secret room -_-; 

Bought this assist pack because I love Zelda Gameboy art style 💜

Cool gay stuff right here 👌😎

I once knew somebody that traded me a Mew & I traded it back just to get all 151 on my Pokedex in my old Pokémon Blue cart which I sadly no longer have anymore :(

Good spooky SCP game 😨

Anime boobs meets Tetris is a pretty neat :)

Mod randomly generates "fake crash" then minutes later crashes GZDoom for real 😂😂😂

If you ever add the option to export a game to EXE and a way to import models & textures, I'll make a game out of this jank 3D engine.

*Beats game*

Me: Oh there's a hardcore mode!

*Plays hardcore mode*

Me: Nah I'm not good enough for it 😂

Yo new NSFW game project 👀 !?

Thanks as I hope that the devs listen to some real criticism and put more effort into their games instead of rushing it out every 2 months 😎👍

Wasn't sure what I was expecting from this but this was a pretty good wad.

This game is so good, for the past several years I bought this game on Steam, 3DS & PS4 💜

Pretty rough with questionable level design and very slow platforming compare to your other works at the time(Mirage of Dragon & The Seal of the Curse) but I finally got around to beat it after starting over a year ago :)

Fun short silly "choose your adventure" type game.

Thank you! This is a sequel to one of my previous Bitsy games The Dark Cave of DOOM!! which is also point & click :)

That ending 👀!?

Going to crossover my Steam review to itchio page with a few extras:

Y'all should REALLY put more time into your games than just releasing one game every 2 months because quality > quantity 

Also I'm very confuse on why you're not alternatively selling this directly on itchio as the game is selling for "free" with Steam & mobile links especially  since the Steam version is DMR free 🤔

*Added platform Linux*

Cool I can natively play this on my Steam Deck 😏

I'll let my Steam review speak itself...

Could you show me an example of where I can find the hack code in the html file as I seem to can't find it as I'm not familiar with html coding -_-; 

For some reason the MP3 file isn't playing back in my Bitsy game and I'm not sure what the problem is :(

Here's the settings I used from the bitsymuse ui:


...and here's the zip file with both the mp3 & html file.

By all accounts, the music should play back in but for some reason it isn't so anyone who knows what I possibly did wrong?

Hey I remember this cool wad from 2010 :)

Rare porn parody game that legit made me laugh my ass off 😂🤣

Miss opportunity to reference the pringles slogan :(

4.9 out of 5

Thank you for playing it 😀

Wow never thought going down a slide would be scary O_O

Finally, I can be a bongo cat 🐱

Only GoW mechanic that's missing is rolling otherwise 10 out of 10 from me 😂

I love that Phoenix dolls are collectables for points 😏😂

Finally, I can save all of the babes 😎

Love this cute little Procedurally Generated version of Duke Nukem I 😎

Wow so one of the worst VR games that I've ever play on Steam is even on Also the download link is broken.

Ok I solved the issue: My game folder name isn't supposed to have no spaces which was the issue for some odd reason 😅

Yes & yes 

So I thought I give Easy FPS Editor a try for a possible attempt at participating a gamejam and I made a test map with prototype placeholder textures but the editor refuses to launch the test map. I follow this tutorial video to learn how to make a simple map and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or why the test game wont launch :(

Average amateur-ish map with a fun Cyberdemon fight 👍

Bought this on Steam and 100% it on my Steam Deck :)