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Been waiting for this lol. You're on this CRT Filter kick for your games right now We are LOVING IT

We played the previous demo a long time ago and this new update has us excited.. sadly our computers won't let us download it due to it containing a virus. Now personally I know this is false. If anything it's just game maker studio compiling .exe files in a strange way that has Windows question everything about it. With that said is it possible this can be placed in Zip file? Me and my colleague really want to dive into this and give you accurate feedback 

Ahh I see. Thank you. Great tool Btw.

As the title suggests, some of the example projects are not able to be recreated due to the settings that aren't available. Currently I'm running the Beta version and I recently updated to the latest one you just released.
The example in question is 'BigHit'
The 'setting' in question is the SIZE. As of now I can only go between 0 and 50 with the increase being between 1 and -1. However, for the example the SIZE is set to 100 with the Increase being at -20. The program won't let me put those numbers in.
I havent checked the other examples yet so I cant say its for all them but I just thought I'd give you a heads up what's being limited

Cameo by treat... nice

Unexpected, short, hilarious..... 10/10

 - Great level design
- Solid enemies
- Music is great and fits with the tone of the game
- Difficulty executed perfectly
- Controls Fluid and easy to understand

- Game is incredibly short
- Got repetitive after Floor 4

Personal opinion:
Not a fan of 'Q' being 'Pick up' as most games today use 'F' or 'E' so I kept using my potions unintentionally. Great game regardless. 7/10. 

Shows the game has been updated to 0.0.6. Whats new to the table?

Dropped Kirby and gone for an original design.... Love it

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I don't believe there is sound yet. If so, then we didn't find a way to turn it on. The game is decent and controls okay. The tutorial section was also okay. How ever the main problem might be just the camera controller itself. It's unique in a way and gives the game its core style, but the way it turns around the board isn't intuitive to the action without changing the cameras position a multitude of times.

Thats all for what we had to say about this. If there is sound/music. I'd like to know how to hear it. It'll help with the immersion.

Great job so far. 7/10

Another great game as usual. The text was a little hard to read at first glance but we got used it. Might be the shader though. There are so many Characters. Thought we were looking at a Smash brothers roster. We've tried out the core 8 characters first. Love them all so far. Definitely gives us more to dig our feet into. This has that Bullet Hell nature to it. Similar to one of your previous titles. Great game. Needs more characters (totally kidding) =P

Much love for the feedback. You've brought up some interesting points that we'll gladly explain.

- Yes, the souls are on lock down as soon as the night ends. This is due to the 'Night Complete' controller records your score right then and there. For story purposes, 6 am would be the time the night actually ends and the sun vanishes the souls. As this was something I wanted to address in game, some some leeway before the screen goes black would be the best solution for this I believe.

- The health pick up is entirely a brain killer for us as both the end boss and secret boss can do massive damage. The text however does say like 6% which is technically bullshit lol. Currently working on another a final update and this is definitely on the list.

-  Your idea for the exploration part was actually an idea we wanted to take part of but felt that it took away from the arcade feel of the game. However..... this doesn't mean we're not gonna eventually do something like this (wink wink nudge nudge punch).

- The difficulty is on purpose. The game is easy due to a hidden and rare boss in the game that only appears once that week. Not to mention the ability to collect souls for skins. But if anything it does feel too easy and we definitely can amp up the game a tad.

- As for the random arrows upgrade, there's a super small cooldown for when the bosses takes damage that allows this powerup to be more effective. This is the main reason or this upgrade.

Thanks again for your feedback. Seriously!!!

A few more things visually have been added since the beta. I hope you like them.

Thank you so much. We're glad you enjoyed it.

- The mouse is definitely set to match the default mouse's dpi, then we initially slowed the effect so the camera can have this dynamic feel to it. This was done due to a strong comment by one of our beta testers with A.D.D saying it need a little jolt while moving. Honestly this could've been easily solved by just having an option that controls the camera better lol.

- As for the difficulty, the will vary between playthroughs. Admittedly the game is meant to be beaten easily but not so easily that you didn't have fun. This is because there is a secret boss that may or may not appear once during that week. Roughly after night 2 but before night 7. If anything, so we made sure the week was still beatable in case you really wanted to beat the secret boss in the game. 

Sorry you disliked the game. Thanks for your feedback though. It helps with future updates and developments.

That's not bad. Definitely sets the tone for the game. I guess I was curious due to the progression. It felt like a solid story was nearly formed here.

Any story established?

This was fun. I can see my self playing this numerous times. I use game maker myself it nice to see games like this from using that engine. 5/5

Hey Captain. Pixel art is nice so kudos on that. The game has promise. The camera needs work as well as the enemy collision. For games like this, "UP" or "W" probably shouldn't be the jump button.

Interesting.... I like it

I.... I couldn't....I needed to...I....No no , it was fun 

Too much going on but I liked it

Evil lol but I like it

Very Nice Definitely had fun

This was great. Lacked music or sound but then again the execution was fantastic.

I like this! Nicely done

=( crashed me

Hilarious game

10² Jam community · Created a new topic I dont see my Jam

I don't see my Entry.

10² Jam community · Created a new topic Time Zones

Which Time Zone will this be based off so we know when to actually start and submit the work or are we going based of our own location?

Hey Yal!!!

Long time Fan. In fact I used to go by "Blakkid489" who did a few reviews on your games but I realized that I couldn't make a name of myself with a signature like that lmao. Anyways I wanted to say this game is fantastic. Even though I picked up this game up for 'Free' I felt that this game needed more love. So I decided to donate $10 to the game. I Shared this with my co-designer "Ladi_Pix3l" and she loved your art style. and the overall feel of the game. I'm sure to many others this is nothing special but I feel your games is a good example to those wanting to get into game maker or heck, game design in general.

Anyways Keep up the fantastic work.

Your Forever fan,

you might as well make a game now =)

Hey Yal, I wanted to play this game again but it seems windows doesn't like anything before GMS 1.X.
Is there any plans to putting this to into GMS? I really liked this game!!!

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Hi there, We are Purple Games Studios.

This will be the first Jam we join and are excited for this.  Never really done fan games before so this will be a new experience for us.
Our team consist of two people with me Ray Hughes (Blakkid489) as the lead artist and Nicole P (Ladi_Pix3l) as the lead programmer.
Can't wait to see what comes out of this.

Another one for the books missy.  I have to say though this has a lot of the same scoring as the flappy game you have. Still love the game. I wonder why you don't make any games for HTML5. Keep up the fantastic ma'dam <3

Beautiful dude. Almost beat the game. Downloaded it from gamejolt though but showing love on both pages.

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I completely understand. You have a gift for story telling and I applaud the amount of work and dedication you put into it. When this was relaesed I honestly cheered with joy. My roommate looked at me as if I was not human lol (thats embarrassing) Anyways keep up the. . .I mean. . . .can't wait for the next game =) Aprilish I can assume? mayby May?

EDIT: Nvm, I just read the other comments and you havent really got across the next game development yet. So i'll be patient (worth the wait anywaysd) no pressure

Yes Part 4 Also I read the NSFW comic which seemed like a hidden story line that might not be mentioned in the game. is that true