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Hi there, We are Purple Games Studios.

This will be the first Jam we join and are excited for this.  Never really done fan games before so this will be a new experience for us.
Our team consist of two people with me Ray Hughes (Blakkid489) as the lead artist and Nicole P (Ladi_Pix3l) as the lead programmer.
Can't wait to see what comes out of this.

Another one for the books missy.  I have to say though this has a lot of the same scoring as the flappy game you have. Still love the game. I wonder why you don't make any games for HTML5. Keep up the fantastic ma'dam <3

Beautiful dude. Almost beat the game. Downloaded it from gamejolt though but showing love on both pages.

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I completely understand. You have a gift for story telling and I applaud the amount of work and dedication you put into it. When this was relaesed I honestly cheered with joy. My roommate looked at me as if I was not human lol (thats embarrassing) Anyways keep up the. . .I mean. . . .can't wait for the next game =) Aprilish I can assume? mayby May?

EDIT: Nvm, I just read the other comments and you havent really got across the next game development yet. So i'll be patient (worth the wait anywaysd) no pressure

Yes Part 4 Also I read the NSFW comic which seemed like a hidden story line that might not be mentioned in the game. is that true

Replied to SnoutUp in More. . . .

As expected sir. I knew you would have more up your sleeve and this was just a nice little taste for players. I humbly respect that. But, that little taste left me wanting more. (hence the anger) I apologize for it and will learn to control it. With that in mind, I entered your contest as @SuperBlackMan21 and I was wondering If I can volunteer my free services in helping you design progressively harder challenges? If not I have no problem being a fan and just make a bunch for my own purposes

Created a new topic More. . . .

Hello Mr. Developer. I am angry at you. Why? Is your natural response. I'll tell you why. I have unlocked everything there is to unlock and I feel that there are lot of different possibilities that can be added to the challenge section. As well as more skins. If you couldn't tell by now, I played this game quite a lot had LOADS of fun with it. It's a shame theres no more content is what I'm actually mad about

Created a new topic Retro Feel

Um. . . . .Yeah thats it. You nailed the Retro Feel. Can't stop playing this

Interesting. 4.99 is bit much for the quality here but the gameplay is solid so maybe 2.99 or 3.99. lol