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I don't believe there is sound yet. If so, then we didn't find a way to turn it on. The game is decent and controls okay. The tutorial section was also okay. How ever the main problem might be just the camera controller itself. It's unique in a way and gives the game its core style, but the way it turns around the board isn't intuitive to the action without changing the cameras position a multitude of times.

Thats all for what we had to say about this. If there is sound/music. I'd like to know how to hear it. It'll help with the immersion.

Great job so far. 7/10

Hey PurpleGamesStudio thanks for the comment!

We've just recently updated the final build to the page where there is audio throughout the game, as well as a bunch of quality of life changes and a new level. Feel free to redownload and let us what you know of the changes!