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Can you let me know, were you found the Linux client? As I am aware there should be no Linux Client for a very long time (over at least half a year)

We found the culprit of this bug and I hope I can push a fix over the weekend. In the meantime you can play directly on (same login)

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The game going "gray" is unknown error for us. If possible, it would be nice if you could share some more info with us in our #bugs-and-support channel on our discord.

thank you ^^

Hello, thank you for your message. You're right if you play over and chrome this bug happens. Try to play over We will fix the bug as soon as possible.

There will soon be an update for mobile devices. That should fix the graphics

please try fullscreen mode by pressing F11

The books are required for professions. You can learn them in the profession window. You can find the profession window either in the top left of the inventory or by pressing "K". Drag and drop the book in one of the free education slots or click on one of the slots and select the book in the menu which pops up. 

Thanks for your feedback. We are planning mounts and other mechanics that will allow players to move faster in the future.

Thanks and see you in ^^

If you want to support us then you are welcome to do so through the ingame shop. This supports us the most, since your donation comes directly and without detours to us. And in addition you also get something for your money.