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Petter Bergmar

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This is gonna be so nice I can tell.

Wow! Thank you so much for trying it and making the video. I'm glad you like it!!

There's no real interaction, walk with WASD + mouse, press Backspace to restart population.

Thanks! Yeah I might make a new version some day, these things can easily be added. Not sure when I will find the time though.

sounds good! I'm worling on cleaning up the code and commenting. Then I will release a first simple version. I have managed to get stuck on the ledge of a box a few times but I'm having a hard time recreating this bug. Let me know if you encounter getting stuck.

Thanks for trying!! I will consider adding those features to my list, double jump I can promise since it's very easy to implement. I'll keep you posted when I have a script ready for release!

yeah this was a little rushed and I haven't had the time to come back to it. Might make a new version some day. Thanks for trying it!

Thank you! :)

Looks great! Will try it later.

Puzzle game with 72 levels adventure and built in level editor, now free!

Get it now at: https://petterbergmar.itch.io/amazeface

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Thanks! It's not actually in the game, just an example of what you could draw with the built in level editor.


Must try this! Sounds awesome.


WebGL, in browser, 4 players, one keyboard. Santa Claus snowball fighting fun! In development using Unity 3D.Make snowballs by stopping on a patch of snow. Hit an opponent and you get 2 points, get hit and you lose 1 point. First to 16 points wins!I might add power ups and more obstacles later, actually I want to add a lot of things to this and will do so when and if I find the time.

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Cute but hard puzzle game Amazeface is now on sale! Get it for $0.99 until New Years! https://petterbergmar.itch.io/amazeface


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Started making a one keyboard, 2-4 players snowball fight game some days ago. You basically need to find a patch of snow, make a snowball and try to throw it at the other players. You can hold 3 balls at a time, then you need to throw one to make another. I want an arcadey Bomberman inspired feel.

I'm developing it using Unity and will be available for free in the browser with WebGL. Everything is made by me, might get someone else to do the music.

it's kinda buggy on computers that are not very fast. sorry

yeah it's just a prototype and requires a quite powerful computer because of zero optimization. I will not likely keep working on this but might use what I learned in other projects in the future. Thanks for trying it out anyway!

Haha ok!

Created a new topic Evolution!
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I wanted evolution and I managed to get some weird evolution going: https://petterbergmar.itch.io/evolve-me

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I agree! Also I want to replace the character controller and physics. And thanks!