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cause it's a hotfix

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I modified your sharpen slightly to work with percentages.

function init()
    setDesc("Sharpen texture")
-- Ugly way to use channels
function apply()
    tileSize = getTileSize()
    inte = (getValue(1,0,0,1) / 25) + 1
    for i=0, tileSize*tileSize-1 do
        x = i%tileSize
        y = math.floor(i/tileSize)
        cr, cg, cb = getValue(0, x, y, 1.0)
        crL, cgL, cbL = getValue(0,x-1,y,1.0)
        crR, cgR, cbR = getValue(0,x+1,y,1.0)
        crU, cgU, cbU = getValue(0,x,y-1,1.0)
        crD, cgD, cbD = getValue(0,x,y+1,1.0)
        cr = cr-((crL+crR+crU+crD)*inte)
        cg = cg-((cgL+cgR+cgU+cgD)*inte)
        cb = cb-((cbL+cbR+cbU+cbD)*inte)

slight problem, i don't have the files for 3.5 build 40, the latest version i found on my pc was 3.4 *sigh*.

it's sand. you can't get it.

if it gets fixed that will wreck my base which uses this to do practically everything.

If you put items with durability into a storage crate, and take them out again, they will recharge all durability.

stay free on and be paid on steam (from all the information i've gathered)

try removing the border

you're welcome, i do that a lot

if you're trying to play over the internet, scroll down in the comments, a bunch of other people have explained it already

here's some proof from the 3.3 beta devlog:

Keep in mind this release is *very* unstable! Save often, and expect major bugs.

  • Added multiplayer (you can stop asking now!)
  • Supports LAN play, over the internet and cross-platform with the upcoming PC edition
  • Added ores to map editor
  • Possible controller support (completely untested)
  • Changed smelter system to use fuel and have a maximum speed/capacity
  • New save system, import and export saves to local storage
  • Added autosave
  • Changed flak turret projectiles and speed
  • Balancing of titanium and coal drills to be slower and more expensive, to slow down late-game progression
  • Fixed bug with stacking conveyors and tunnels/junctions not transporting directly to the core
  • Optimized pathfinding to be ~3x faster and use less memory
  • Translation support (incomplete, full translations coming soon!)
  • Teleporters now use power and have a better UI
  • Sorters also have a new UI
  • Added a sand resource (currently unused and unobtainable, but is displayed in the sorter)
  • Re-made all player weapons to be more varied and interesting
  • Removed upgrade menu and added the weapon factory block
  • Increased base player health
  • Discord integration: Wave, map and player count are now displayed in Discord while playing Mindustry
  • Proper Mac and Windows32 support: not well tested, please report any problems!

yeah, sand is in the game, just not used.

yea most likely

looks like you were using a controller, is that correct? your crash was an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds, so maybe you pressed a button it couldn't handle? not sure, I just know basic java

oh, i see.

eh, i'll wait for the release, but thanks for asking!



it's fine, i respond to a bunch of people :)

i don't speak whatever that language is

i could try making that as a mod, just need to find the ui element then call the method when you press the keybind

the conveyor thing is not a cheat/exploit it's even in the current 4.0 build

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right now, try using multiple sorters like this:

S = Sorter

- = Conveyor



wouldn't that be a bit repetitive? btw i could send you a texture pack like that

what do you mean?

search "what's my ip" on google

is the image valid?

they exist. (auto saves as in it saves to the current save every 90 seconds by default)

right click the image, press "save image as", save it somewhere you can find it, then import it to mindustry using the "import image" in the editor

so basically we think one of the computers couldn't host joinable games.

i could probably try making that as a mod, tell me if you're interested.

preeetty laaaaggyyy. otherwise, great! (i think at least)

i don't know how :(

btw i'm not the dev, i'm just a guy who mods this game

WORKS!!!! (for now)

nvm just realized how old this is

did you give it power?

semi-decent, looks a lot like the metasploit logo

(1 edit)

So we were trying to host a game. It worked once (My friend could join me), but then it didn't ever work after :(

(Also tried again with latest update)

P.S. BTW not good at explaining

check the 4.0 plans trello page: Trello Page