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well that was the best damn night of my life

since they're relatively simple and noise-free i suspect they'd ai upscale really nicely.

might be something to look into :)

damn this is hard as hell.

also since i have wings please let me double jump tyvm :)

Had a lot of fun with this! Some frustration too, but perservere for 20-30 minutes. :)

I like the idea in concept, but I do think it's very difficult to implement in a way that benefits both developers and consumers.

As others have said, artistic is definitely the wrong word, but that doesn't hurt the overall idea at all. I think it's just a difficult problem.

Might be something that's best solved by having an external blog/network/aggregator that promotes 'artistic' games specifically?

This is excellent, thank you.

Hi, I have a few bug reports.

The mouse cursor isn't locked or confined to the game window, which makes it a pain to play on multiple monitor setups, as you keep tabbing out of the game while shooting arrows.

The movement feels like it has a weird input lag at times. It feels similar to when I've used default Unity Input.GetAxis, instead of GetAxisRaw. Unity's default gravity/sensitivity setup definitely has some weird effects.  In game you can see this if you tap a movement key a couple of times, usually you'll start moving for a longer period without holding the key. Not a big deal at all though!

I love the ground shader, and the general aesthetic, by the way! Very inspiring :)

Oniken community · Created a new topic DLL error

After I start the game, following the splash screens (immediately after the made with fusion splash), a 'Cannot find cctrans.dll' error pops up. The game appears to run fine if I ignore it, though.

just commenting again to say this is probably still my favourite game on itch. i'd pay $5 for a sequel without a second thought. :)

Would it be possible to get a spritesheet for using this as a bitmap font?

This is really really good.

This is really cool.