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Solid experience! As others have said, some audio would have been nice, but you do what you can in 48 hours. Good job!

Really fun idea and wonderful visuals! Was really hoping for more environmental destruction, but just seeing those pots break was a treat :))

Very clever and fun take on the theme! I really could see this traversing mechanic in a full release game.

The first stage alone was solid alone, so I was really surprised when the skill tree appeared! Really fun idea with lot of fun little details and polish. Good job!

What can I say, it's cute as hell! The concept alone of tower suddenly sprouting wheels attacking you is great and game play is solid enough to keep you entertained till the end. Good job!

Really interesting concept for the theme and solid visual presentation. I feel like this idea does have the potential to grow. Good job!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, I'm also very happy the menus myself :)

Not sure I got how the fixing minigame worked, at least I still don't fully understand the rules why the connection would break between nodes. Frustration meter was accurate :')

Audio was good, mood was strong and I think this fits the theme well.

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Thank you for giving our game a try!

You should be able to pick up and drop items with R.

Edit// Added the controls to the game page, it was an overlook from us to not put them there in the first place :')

Thank you! We had a team of three; two artists and one programmer.

Thank you! We almost felt like we bit more than we could chew, but at least we got it out in time!

That's unfortunate! Still, thank you for playing and glad you liked the art!

Very cute environment and character art! I don't play a lot with a keyboard so the controls very bit tricky, but it is a cute little game

That was a very sweet comic! Thank you!

Really loving the game, glad to enjoy a little bit of Juhannus even if summer is still very far away :D 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game yet. I ran into an issue with the blue ingredient in the hiidenkirnu. I happened to throw a snow ball in there before using the kantele and the physic pushed the ingredient too far and I wasn't able to pick it up. Unfortunate little bug, but luckily the game isn't too long : )

Playing felt like trying to cook in my mom's kitchen, so definitely captured that not fully being in control feeling. Also the amount of junk on the table was uncanny.