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Pepe Jamal

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A lovely 3d low poly  game ready asset pack with 11 swords to use in your journey! Tell me if you like any!

Link here:

Ahh... Don't stare the fish, please!

Haha! That's great! can't wait to see what you gonna create with it!

Thank you very much for the support!

Thank you so much for the feedback! Hehe Elon Must is the dream job!

I am glad you liked it! Gonna tweak the gameplay for sure! 


















Hey guys, i am sorry i didn't find time to play all the games, i will check some more tonight! 

Thx for sending them and making them!   ( ゚ヮ゚)

Thx for making your game, really enjoyed it!

i don't care much about ratings, but would love to know what are your thoughts about my game too! 

Thx, i had fun making it! 

Good game bro! I agree with everything that BrodieTheNerd said, the game is good and the challange drives you trough it! The ideia itself is good, and i think its just a matter of making the mechanics transitions more smooth! Thx for making the game! 

Really cool game! I had fun trapping multiple people, and the thematic is polemic haha! 

As a constructive feedback  for a future update i would suggest to add a inffected people count, a timer and maybe a way to loose, like taking too much time to inffect everybody or something like that!

Thx for making the game! Keep it up!

Glad that you liked it! Thx!

Im gonna flesh out this concept after the jam is over, so thank you so much for the kind comment!  :D

Thank youuu! 

I'm happy that you had fun! 

Gotta check out your game for sure this night when i come home! Thx again  : )

Thank you sir! (─‿‿─) glad you liked it!

Thats so nice to know, glad that you had fun with it!  :D

Im gonna up the switching lanes speed  and do some obstacles that doesn't kill you, only make you temporarily slower or trow you for the side line automatically! 

Your feedback and the others is really important to me, im thinking about making a surprise for everyone that gave insightfull feedbacks in the full version of the game hehe


I gonna do a delivered counter for sure!

I am taking your feedback along with others and planing to make a more fleshed out version of the game! If there is anyother additions that you would like to see please feel free to share! Thx again :3

Thx for the kind comment! Gonna improve (probably remake it haha) and do a full short game with it! Glad that you had fun! 

Glad that you had fun! I am taking that and the other comments  as a proof o concept so i can work more and polish it! Thx for the feedback :3

Wow, there is a lot of good games here! 

I played some already and i keep thinking how great it is that so many people share this passion for gamedev.  Openning each game is like peaking into the mind of someone like me, who love games and want to make then! 

 Gonna take a break cause i am with headache, but i will play and review all of them with attention and care! Thx everybody!  

Good job bro! I read the commentes and i agree with them, audio and some polish, but this is game jam and i have to say, be proud of your self! Making a game, even if its not complete,  its an great achieviment , congratulations ^^

The pyramid terminal was haaard! Cool game men! Keep it up! 

Visuals are gooood! Fighting, mechas and metal music are a perfect bond! Thx for making the game!

It makes kaboom, 10/10 ! Rico aproves it!

Really that is a mix of hypercasual game, with fun chaos, that makes you be on your toes all the time while not caring too much when you comit a mistake.

The graphics are cute, and think that this can be a full game with more levels and stuff cause i would buy it, no doubts!

The Atmosphere you created is insane! I am a sucker when the topic is cyberpunk or noir aesthetic and your game ticles that in my heart haha!

The movement of the player is really good too, the double jumps got a little to get acostumed with, but that is probably just me being tired of playing games. The boss was cool too! In general , good game, thx for making it!

THHXX!  (っ◕‿◕)っ

Thanks for the feedback, your team made one of my favorite games of the jam, so i really appreciate it! 

It was done in less than 3 day actually, i wish i had more time to polish and flesh out more of it by adding rpg and narrative elements, anyway thanks again :3

Nice mechanics! Smooth controls! You know the game is good when you go check it and end up staying to the end without noticing the time passing by! Congratulations  :D

Great Game! I love the 2.5D art style! The mechanic is quit unique as well! Do you guys and girls pretend to make a more fleshed out version? I would like to see it ^^

That is what i like to play on my day to day!

Loved the game, you all killed it!  Idk what to talk :p

This was fantastic. I really felt the experimental pineapple beef level!

Pepe Jamal-Player (131 coins)

Thx men! Love the feedback! It means a lot to me ^^ 

I gonna tweak the sideway speed on the re-release together with a new mode of walking, more levels and a structured quest arch!

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I personally dont care about ratings, but i will rate as many as i can! Just need to get some sleep before i pass out  :)

Ahh and if you wanna check out my game, its here:

A thing made on MS Paint! Deliver packages, skate arround, be happy, die!  ... wait, dont die!

I dont care about rating, but i would like to know what you think! 

I am  an explorer hehe!

Cute game! I remembered that i really dont know where my keys are since two days ago! 

A thing made on MS Paint! Deliver packages, skate arround, be happy, die!  

Dont even need to rate it haha i just wanna know what you guys think!

Now i know how to react when i get fired from amazon warehouse shed!

Great game, visuals are the high point of it!

I love the concept and the effort put into having narration and cutscenes is really great to see!

A thing made on MS Paint! Deliver packages, skate arround, be happy, die!

Had to pull up some John Wick  moves while playing this one!

I had fun! i would like to see a more juice version of this game, with screen shakes and maybe powerups! Thx for making it!

Legends say that the red cube is still slipping out there! Be careful when leaving home!

Hey, i like the idea specially to play it as a singleplayer game, controlling one player like a turret and the other to get the items and etc! The general aesthtetic combined with the lack of text or icons in some ui elements made me confused a bit (my game is also like that haha), but congratulations on doing a game bro ^^

Its tough to be a tornado! Luck me that do not choose this profession! haha

Jokes a side, very cool game, i think i never saw a concept like this. Would love to see a more fleshed out version with a little tune on the dificulty curve so it can be easier to get it the flow!