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In the previous version there was a "clone" option that creating a second instance of a block with the exact some properties as the selected (position, rotation, scale). This was quite useful as I often want the new block to be the same as the original with a single axis modified. The new Copy/Paste method works well in some situations, but it would be nice to have access to the old clone tool as well.

After using the new Asset Forge I'm noticing a few minor issues:

  • If you modify a block's scale with the movement tab opened (the 2nd tab that shows the blocks properties), you'll see the position value changing instead.
  • Once you've rotated a block, scaling starts modifying multiple axis instead of just one. This seems like maybe it was done intentionally, but makes it much harder to use the software. For example, if I rotate a wall segment 45 degree and then what to increase it's length, I have to manually enter the new scale in UI or rotate the wall back to a 90 degree increment, change the scale, then rotate back.

Enjoy the tools you've created, keep up the great work!


Sweeeet, thanks Kenny. Great work on the product btw.

I'm looking to create a simple script that "flips" any currently selected blocks along a specified axis. This entails inverting their scale along that axis and moving them. I see the method forge.getSelectionX() to get the position of a selected object, but what about it's other properties?