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ive played this game a long time ago, maybe in 2018, or so. i was going through a hard time. this game really touched me--when i got to the ending, the feeling that i had was indescribable. almost freeing. idk if ive commented before, but i just want to say this. thank you for sharing your hardwork.

I just finished it (and found all three endings). I feel like your visuals never fail to improve with each game you make (absolutely gorgeous). I did not expect the "goth gf" twist and honestly it did give me a whiplash in a good way bc how horrifying it is... how easy we can miss things jst bc of something so mundane. this was an amazing experience and  i hope you keep making things bc i feel like your games are so close and heartfelt.. they really depict the hardship our gen is going through. thank you for sharing this. 

this was incredible. the ambience, the graphic, the script. the ending really... god, this gave me a lot of feelings. this was absolutely amazing and im glad i found it. thank you for your hardwork, thank you for sharing something so incredible and visceral.

Excuse my language, but this is so goddamn beautiful. I'm literally crying right now. The art is absolutely fantastic, your art is just one of a kind, so beautiful and soft and heartfelt. The story, I can't even put it to words. I've been a fan for some time, but this is really ... this is AMAZING. You are such an inspiration, I can't even. You deserve so, so much, this is much more than a game. It touched me in ways that I didn't know I needed. Thank you so much for making this game and sharing it with us. It helps. It truly does, help a lot. It feels like someone out there understands. Thank you. I truly wish you the best, because you deserve just as much.

that was incredible.  I managed to do all the endings in a two hours. Incredible story line. Good job, well done.

this is beautiful. I love this game. incredible. it hits me. this is amazing. thank you, thank you so much for your hardwork. it feels good to see that maybe someone does understand.

I love this.

When I finally got to see the sky, I wanted to cry.

I love this game.




The visuals are AMAZING. I hope you'll be able to thrive from your art. I love the story.