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I don't have this problem and I launch it through Steam. You can add the game in Steam by adding it as a non-Steam Game in the upper menus in Steam.

With that method you get much better controller support.

You just need to find out where the app is placed in the directories in Windows. I suggest adding a quick link to the app directory in Windows Explorer.

Because the downside is that every time there is a new update to BBPX you will have to download it manually and re-add the game manually again in Steam.

I have the launcher app but just use it for updating the apps.

I launch everything through Steam.

The guide in this post is also very good:

The guide in this post is also very good:

The guide in this post is very good:

The guide in this post is very good:

The guide in this post is very good:

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If you run it through Steam you can set up controller config and change all keys for either keyboard or controller.

Add the app through Steam as a Non-Steam game. 

Thank you so much for great explanation! I will try this later! :)

Wow, I had no idea Steam could launch non-steam apps!

I use DS4Win but I vastly prefer Steam control config.

Thanks for the reply! :)

But I really have no idea how to assign the key to the shortcut. I tried yesterday going into items and clicking around but nothing happens.. 

I know this detail is added just for the ”true to retro-aspect” but I would be so happy if the keys just worked automatically.

How am I supposed to use the key I got on the second floor?

Tab or R or going into inventory doesn't work.

I use DS4Windows with DS4 but am trying keyboard too.

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Please check the versions on the downloads page. Something is not right with the Mac/Win icons.

Also, the game needs some spellchecking.

The tampon info disappeared a bit too quickly.

Cool game!