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hey, this really took me back. Cant believe it is was 2 years ago!!
it was my first take on a 1player card game and I always wanted to go back and develop it further, maybe this is the push I was needing... although its hard to imagine how much you can actually take of this concept, seeing that every outcome is probably easily solved at any state of the game

anyways, i believe 'kill all' is disabled bceause i didnt have time to finish it for the jam (:

Nice twist to the game, well done! Loved the music

I loved it! impressive how you was able to make it with this resolution

Thanks. The game from where it's inspired is a collection of mini games like this, it would be fun to try making others

Nice job! Fun and pretty! If I could change something I would make the movement more interesting

Pretty nice concept. I liked the art.
Keep going!

i used to play one named 'the sandbox' on mobile, it wsa very fun

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i loved the mountains on the background

well done that looks nice

this is awesome! do you have it on google play store?

:0 Happy birthday! have fun

wow that was intense

Hello! This may be a stupid question, but let's say that I have an .html file that is my game, how could I turn it into a QR code?


i got 15.03

I honestly can't imagine what kind of game would someone be planning to make in a jam like this that would raise such questions. I would just don't try to offend anyone, by common sense, and if someone says to me that what I did was offensive, I would listen, discuss and if it is the case, delete or change it. If you're in doubt maybe you can share with us what you are your ideas and we can think together if that would make another person "shriek in terror".

just don't use any "offensive utterance" in your game, I guess

wow, thanks for playing and recording it, that's cool

oops my bad. its working just fine, i'm just stupid.

yeah, you're right. being the main mechanic, i  could have come up with something better,

they were really fun to make!

thanks. i tried to make some music but It ended up being bad :\

wow, very well done, it looks very polished, the art and the sounds are great.
its a very cool idea, i just found a little hard to identify the obstacles and differentiate them from the collectibles, but i understand that it is a challenge to implement with the color limitations.
Overall, very impressive and fun game, good job!

yeah i thought "oh there is a place where no one would have a reason to go", and added a little secret that i liked so much that i ended putting it into the end scene as well :D

thanks, I'm glad you liked it

thanks for playing!

nice game!
I really liked the flipping mechanic, you could improve on it, maybe using on more "puzzly" levels? (is that a word?) nice music and sound design, I like the jump sound by the way. its quite challenging, especially the boss fight
good job!

i don't know how you are doing it, and i do not use unity, but if you are using the physics engine, maybe thinking on how to do it without it? like, coding gravity and collision. I just feel that drag and drop does not go well with physics engines... but that's just me thinking, I dont have experience with unity as i said

i like the movement and the mechanics, i can see an action game around that, or something.
although the effects are very nice, i believe they are lagging the web build. other than that, good job

nice! thanks god they had a permit, imagine selling hot dogs without one!

its very fun, good job

well done, loved the sounds

very enjoyable game. the story and art kept me interested throughout the game.

in the end, turns out he was the one that was haunted by his own past!! :0
haha good job!

well done. i wish i was better at spotting the ghosts, got only to 8 max. i liked tha art and the sounds, it makes very fun to slap things with a fish

nice! its surprisingly hard to play this. maybe one option could be that when you release the button you change the direction for the next time you hold it.
I know that's just a detail, but i really like how you navigate the menu :)

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nice game! its fun and challenging. i like the art and the music. it would be nice to have a level select menu so people can play other levels if they get stuck in one level, like I did.

nice game! I like how you have to time the animation to hit the blocks and jump over the spikes at the same time. I did experienced the lag and i'm not quite sure, but it looks like it makes so that you take more time to jump? or maybe its supposed to be that way.
anyway, good job, its fun and quite challenging, i got around 5 points.

oh and i really like the fact that the phone has a home button, mine doesn't and it kind of makes me sad

nice, i liked the art. I got around 10 points because I'm bad and kept wasting shots. if I would change something maybe i would make the character moves faster, or speeds up over time? anyway, good job!

very fun!. I like how the difficulty increases. it would be nice to have the score displayed for a little longer so i have more time to see it haha. other than that, great job.