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Simplistic gameplay, beautiful 8-bit visuals, a lovely soundtrack (I host a podcast based on video game music, of course it had to be good), complete with achievements and leaderboards blends an old school experience with some modern qualities that make Alpaca Sprint ever so charming. If you can appreciate the fact that this is only the second game I've ever made in my life, you'll come to see why this is such a big milestone for me. 

The game takes about 30 minutes to complete from beginning to end if all goes well, but on average, you can expect to get about 2 hours of play time nabbing all the achievements and such. Of course, if you're looking to remain at the top of the scoreboard, you may find yourself playing a whole lot more. Please feel free to post screenshots of your score below, and be on the lookout for this game to release to Android and Steam, as well! Thank you for your support and I'll see you with the next game!

Google Play (coming soon)

Steam (coming soon)

Me sitting here hitting refresh until it goes live. I just got a Retroid Pocket 2+ that is ITCHING to have this on it. :)

I just wanted to note that as an adult professional (who recently got into game dev myself) doing the same kind of work schedule you have (nights and weekends), it is really refreshing to hear that you made it work, and gives me hope that I can too. I know that wasn't the intent of this post, but I thought I should share that it was helpful and inspiring to see. Thank you, and good luck on your endeavors.

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I probably shouldn't have joined this jam, but I'm going to give it a whirl anyway. Going to be taking a stab at a PICO-8 game, and wanted to see if there were other new folk who are pretty fresh to the coding game, like myself, and want to team up to learn/practice some coding together. I know pretty much the bare essentials, and have put together maybe three games total (2 in PICO-8, 1 in C#). I decided to jump in here to force myself to try something new and instead of working off of countless guides and tutorials, try my hand at something completely original.

As far as my background/availability goes, I am an adult in his 30's, on the east coast with a family, so the easiest times for me to get together are the evenings to late nights (pretty much between 9PM and 1AM). I can work on the game other times, but sitting down and collaborating would be around those times.

This is really for the absolute new folks looking to learn together. If you're moderately experienced and want to take on an apprentice, I'm here for that too, though you may be bored lol. But, I am a hard worker and looking to keep pushing forward in my personal goals of being a better coder.

Oh man, you're right! The hashtags would definitely be annoying to hear, even though for those who can see, it simply makes organization of the information on the screen more readable. You've given me a lot to think about as far as structure of my game goes.

I have quite a few ideas for things I've been wanting to make since starting this process, but I love your ideas here, and think I will add it onto the list. For one, it would give me more practice to make another text-based game, but far more fleshed out than this little application is, and it would be very cool if I could take a mechanic (such as Civ) which seems built for having graphics and turn it into something more text based. I think it can be done, and I may just give it a shot.

We'll see where things go from here, but I assure you, I will not forget about this interaction, and will see what I can do with the limited time that I have. Thank you again.

There is one! Download the first file. :) That was the original design for the game.

Hey bradley22! Thanks so much for the feedback. This was really only meant to be an introduction which is why the text variations are so limited. I apologize for the redundancies within it, but greatly appreciate you playing it.

As far as volume was concerned, I searched the internet high and low for how to give users a way to adjust the volume and couldn't find it to save my life LOL. The versions that are up now are pretty low, but if you need them lower than that, the raw audio files are available to adjust however is comfortable for you.

The backspace issue is one that I wanted to work out before I put this out there, but couldn't quite figure it out. What is happening is that as the text is loading, if you push in another key, then the game registered that key (also known as key buffering). So you have to hit enter (or backspace, depending on what you did) to clear that input out, and actually put in what you want. My inexperience with game dev (and C# specifically) is quite evident. :)

Thanks for the comment, and thanks again for playing.

Hey @jukesy1992, thanks so very much for the feedback! Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to actually play this game at all, if I'm being quite frank. I mostly posted it to track my progress as a new developer, so I could see my journey from where I was on day one to where I (hopefully) will end up. But the fact that you played and were kind enough to provide genuine, honest feedback really made my day. Thank you.

I will admit; I am still new to this whole process, so accessibility for any kind of disability is something that is still very foreign to me, but something I very much want to be aware of and incorporate in all of my games. I don't ever want any one group to feel left out because of my ignorance, but it is because of feedback like this that I can not only fix the issues in my current games, but keep that in mind as I move forward in my journey. Please accept my apologies for not considering how you might be playing the game, and know that I will continue to be better as I grow. I knew the game was far from perfect out of the gate, but I never, ever want anyone to feel excluded while playing. That never is, or never will be, my intent while developing.

All that being said, I have updated the original game to have lower volume music, as I should have honestly done that in the first place. I have also created a second file to download that is labeled "blind accessible" which eliminates the text scrolling entirely and should make it easier on your screen reader, and effectively, easier on you.

Again, I hope you understand where my error comes from and will accept my apology, and I really hope that you enjoy playing now that the issue is resolved. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate me further.