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thank you i'll try fixing them :)

lmao didn't expect the game to be this fun. the art  and audio is really good. and the gameplay also. I keep getting stuck in trees tho. nice game :)

thank you, i didn't have much time to playtest so thats probably why it's hard :)

thank you for playing my game :)

thanks for playing, can you tell me which levels were unfair? so i can remove those parts 


thank you, also the humanoid robot enemies already shoot at different heights, but it is very very rough so maybe i'll fix it :)

thank you :)

thank you for playing, I know about the blind jumps, but i just didn't have time. maybe when the GameJam is over i'll try fixing it :)

lol i'm addicted, help.

it's a great game, you made more progress in 4 hours than i do in 2 days lol. but anyways, the game is really good :)

very cool, I think this is my favourite game (but i haven't played all of them yet). I like the gameplay and graphics. And the Audio is very very good!

it's a nice game, the graphics are cute and I like the concept. the game is also really polished

Good game, it has fun gameplay and really good sound design :)

thank you for your kind words and feedback! 

it's a nice game, i like it. i really like the wallrun mechanic, but sometimes when i move, my player just stops moving and kills the momentum. but other than that i like it.