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My store page images are crashed, why has that happened?

Please help!!!!

It didn't work, However, I pressed tab and space, The girl doesn't move at all, and my friend who uses a different macOS computer has the same issue, What is the "Tab" button you mentioned, tab or space or some other button. 

MacOS bug: at the ending door, whether I tap the screen or press space button, the girl didn't move at all, I stucked, pls fix this bug.

Good game though.

Thank you so much, and I sent you some info via twitter about my game, hope can get some help for expose my game.

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My game Colloc cannot be searched through the search bar. bug can be searched when using app on windows, why? And how can my game get an expose on twitter, I think my game is well made and have a unique gameplay. And my game Colloc is in indie prize finalist.

Colloc is now on with 30% off,

Colloc is an indie puzzle game, There are 6 chapters and 60 levels for you to explore, you can control all the characters at the same time to solve puzzles and explore the fantasy world.

fission and merge

6 chapters and 60 levels