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Thanks, man! We also have an Android version 😁, if you like to play on the go.

A simple tool for gamepad testing and event visualization. 

Tá aquecendo pra entrar na Steam! Aguarde!

Basically yes. Thuth be told, the isometric view has VERY mixed opinions. I made it as almost an art project and it grew to be this game, it's far from perfect but it's my first finished project and i'm really proud of it.

Nice concept!

Wow, thanks for the feedback. Will look into it!

Thanks Man! It's not much but it's honest work!

Thanks Man!

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I downloaded Libresprite for a test and made a mission of mine to make atl least one "pixel art" game. Not the most beautiful thing in the world but it's something :).

It's minesweeper, pure and simple.

Perhaps if you want we could consider a partnership with a new project porting this one to 3d. People got really annoyed by the isometric perspective. I learned a lot on this project, but mainly that chess players have heavy bias on what they expect a chess game to be. Some reddit users almost tore me apart when i asked for their thoughts.

I think i may release it as a open source project, but the ai mechanic is a little broken. If you want an advance on how i made it, look up "Minimax algorithm for chess". The code i wrote for this one was based on a javascript implementation for that algorithm.

Man, consider yourself virtually hugged.

Man, i really would like to know how did you implement the destructable terrain. Is it smartShape2d?

Yeah, i will try to come up with something for the MTs mechanic that distances a little from Mario Kart, i think it may be what the game needs to be more balanced.

The routes are a simple coin toss, the AI chooses from one of the paths at the beginning of each lap, i tried to make each path the same lenght (just eyeballing). I think maybe i could experiment with more items on one path and more zyppers on another to see how it goes. I figured out how to make the AI jump and had a track that already did that but the track itself did not grew on me. I am planning kind of an over the top track (maybe at a Space Station) that has maybe one or two jumps :D.

I already noticed the bomb problem and had some ideas to fix it but did not implement it yet. I thought mainly about creating an animation or visible delay for it so that the driver behind had some time to react, what do you think?

Thanks a lot for the Feedback! I am really still figuring out the environment settings, but it is a very good idea to create graphic presets and i am adding it to my list right now :).

I am curious about the mini turbo that you spoke of. You mean like the drifting in Mario Kart, right?

The players parts i think it's doable, but first i have to optimize the AI to avoid more lagging.

For inspiration i played some mario kart (64 and gamecube) and Diddy Kong racing (those three are my favorites of them all). Still sometimes i play them to try and get that pleasant driving feeling.

Again, i am really thankfull for the feedback.

it is GLES3 based, some mobile gpus do not have support.i tried changing to GLES2 but it was not playable either.

Man, really missed that. On the bright side, i found out that i can cross compile to MacOS from Linux, so i might try that this weekend. Follow us (so that you receive a notification) and if i manage to accomplish that it will be on our next update.


On another note, have you played it? Would love to know your impressions.

It is been requested, but i am planning to address that after implementing a championship in single player mode.

So, this is embarassing... I have a number of parameters per track so that i can debug (in this case the final race screen) and left the laps in this race with value of zero. The other track in the version you have should work fine, but anyway i am uploading a new one that i improved since yesterday (including joypad support, some new sfx and a little bit of bug fixing). 

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Will check, but you mean the game closes?  If you gave me a little more detail i would appreciate.

If you would kindly test this new update!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I Promise to iron all those bugs soon!!