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yay new demo

really neat game, hope you keep updating it if you are able


neat little game!

things that I think you could add:

the option to see what cards are in your deck

something that tells you in what turn you are

something that tells you that enemies are going to spawn next turn

I hope you keep expanding this game!

I really like the art of the characters and animation

I hope you keep updating this game!

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I played this game and I think it is a neat concept, I really hope you are planning on expanding it more

here is my feedback

I really liked the idea that you have to get a negative result in order to block damage

I think the artifacts you have so far are pretty cool


since you draw 6 cards per turn you can do up to 2 actions, this is IF you draw exactly 4 numbers and 2 operations which this doesn't happen often, like when you start your first combat there will be turns were I draw all number cards and I can't do anything, and even after finding operation cards to add is not easy sometimes, there could be the option that once per turn you could discard a card to draw a new one, or maybe you can discard 2 cards to draw one as much as you want something so you don't get stuck with doing nothing

you should be able to see how much damage or block you will be getting before hitting Calculate, yes I know it can be deduced since it is simple math, but with the artifacts and abilities of enemies it will be nice if it told you


have the option to change the volume of the music and sound effects

the map could use some clarity on the lines of where you can travel

you should be able to see what cards are in your draw pile and discard pile during combat

your max hand size could be above 6

when choosing to add a card to your deck it sometimes the two options it offers you are the same card and I feel they should always be different

Some other things I noticed

the font changes for some of the numbers which feels a bit weird

when you end turn it takes the enemy a second to do their action

there is a typing error in the fibonacci sequencer artifact 

I hope this feedback helps you

oh sounds good

it is always good thing if you take your time without rushing anything and making sure to take breaks if necessary

are you gonna keep updating this game?

version 0.2 lets go!

the game is already very polished, good game

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not sure if you are currently open for taking ideas but here are some I have (you may decide on names and rarity, I will like to hear your opinions)

Select a Symbol, Replace all other Symbols in that column with copies of the Symbol you selected, Cooldown 4

Increase the damage of all attacks of a Character by 1 this turn, Cooldown 3

Choose an Item that have 50% chance or less of being activated and double its effects for this turn, Cooldown 4

Keep half of your shields, purple shields and dodges between turns (Rounded up)

After using a Flask, self heal for 3

All your attacks deal 50% more damage, but you cant use flasks

Royal Flush is a very hard battle
I have got to them like 4 times and I havent been able to defeat a single of the cards
one thing I noticed is that I dealt a bunch of damage to one of the cards but then it moves into the fourth position and then is like welp, this happened twice to me (I am not saying that the shuffling mechanic should be removed, I think is cool)

there is always the option that when you hover over them it tells you their meaning


I played the demo, I enjoyed, I like the mechanics, one thing I will say it needs right now is a bit more of clarity, specially on what the enemies intend to do and what some symbols like the purple attacks and block mean, still pretty good

oh that is a long time until next update XD, but do take your time to rest and whenever you feel good to keep working on this is okay, you did a good job with it

glad to hear that, and I hope you are able to update it

I was also wondering if you were interested in taking fan ideas for upgrades or maybe even different enemies, if not that is okay

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Hi, I came from Reto video, really liked the concept of the game and really liked the art style, one idea for helping the getting stuck situations is that once per level you may remove 1 domino piece from the board, maybe that could also cost 1 Heart (but I dont see that necessary), it is just a suggestion, I hope that you get success with this game and that you keep expanding on the idea :D