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What a mood!
It looks, sounds and feel awesome. Everything fits together so well. Kudos.
I agree with the earlier comment about transitions, sometimes it was a bit tiring for my eyes (I’m old and lazy) to scan across and find where I was.
I must admit I was a tad disappointed in the end because I was so tense and the last click sends you straight back to the title :’(
Had a great time playing tho!

A really chill game. Had a nice moment strolling through the different places and listening to the sounds.

I am really confused then, because you seem to have made the game especially for the jam and at the same time it doesn’t follow the only requirement…

Hey everybody,

If you want to share your ink files so other people can have a look at it, learn from it or give you feedback, here is a place to do so.

You can use services like Gist or hastebin (or whatever you want) to do so, and share the link below.


Heck yeah, that’s a nice jam entry. Well done!
The shift in colours depending on the situation is such a good idea.
Got the A ending and I enjoyed going through this so much that I don’t think I want to change reality and try another one. Am I making any sense?

A simple concept, cleanly executed. I couldn’t stop myself from doing the pirate voices while reading. Kudos.

Hey 😊
Could you please tell me a bit more about what part of this was made using ink?

Hope you’re going to finish this! The art and general ambiance are really tight.

Had quite a nice moment going through this story! What really works here imho is you’re forced to make decisions while you’re still trying to figure out what’s going on.
I tried a few different paths, but I’m curious if there’s a way to know why we were at the station in the first place.

What a nice entry. Kudos for your work, I’d like to see more of Stanley’s adventures.

Hey :)
My rule of thumb is: if that’s something preventing people from playing your game as it should, then fix it. Even after the deadline, that’s fine by me.

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Hello everybody!

I hope you’re all well and rested. The time has finally come, the inkJam 2021 edition is starting. First of all, I’d like to thank all of you for participating. Bringing people together to write stories and create games means a lot to me, and I’m glad to be able to do so for the fourth year in a row.

I’ll cut to the chase and announce this year’s theme:

You’ll think of something

And now for a few gamejam advices I always like to give:

  • Keep a decent sleep and meals schedule.
  • Try not to scope too large a project.
  • If (when) you’ve scope too large a project, don’t be afraid to cut parts of it out.

I hope you have a good time this weekend. As always, feel free to contact me if you need to (all necessary info are available on the jam homepage). Stay focused, stay awesome and please, do not overwork yourself.


Absolutely, there is usually a decent number of IF submitted. You can check out previous years’ participations if you want: 2020, 2019, 2018.

The actually is, but I guess timings can align so it’s denied :’(
Seems fixable tho.

I’ll surely look more into that collision thingy. My best guess right now would be that with a lot of enemies around they can get in the exact timing to stunlock you.

Yeah… It’s an fsm issue when you’re getting hit while transitioning to the next level with the right timing. It’s already fixed for the upcoming post-jam version of the game!
Thanks for the kind words.


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Hey, thanks for the comment! Let me answer a few of what you pointed out :D

  1. I mean :/ Yeah… I get where you’re getting at. The fact digging more/less both have pros and cons (and that you therefore are balancing risk and reward in your head) is the sole and only premise of the game tbh.

  2. You actually can pass through enemies, they don’t have any collision with the player apart from their hitbox (active for 0.03s during the attack).

  3. I’m not sure if you’re pointing this as a good or a bad point?

  4. I’m pretty sure they are bugged on some levels, I’ll look into that when I have time.

  5. We’ll definitely dig deeper on how to make our builds work on Mac for the post-jam version of the game.

inkJam 2020 community · Created a new topic Group making
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You’re looking for other persons to make a group with? You’re in the right place.

Post a message in this thread to tell others what your skills are and/or what kind of teammate(s) you’re looking for.

Hi! My name’s Paul, I can program games and do a bit of design and writing but I’m awful when it comes to drawing or making music. If you know how to do that, maybe we can make a game together? Feel free to reply on this post!

I’ll also forward posts made here on the Discord server to give them visibility.

Hey, I don’t really know how you’d actually use ink to write a TRPG but if you have an idea for that go for it!

Glad you’re here with us for three days of game making.

Feel free to use this space to ask for help, to team up with others or to just discuss with other participants.
Please be a decent human being and be kind with others. Hateful comments, harsh language and/or visuals are prohibited here.

inkJam 2019 community · Created a new topic At the brink

You heard it right, the theme for ink Jam 2019 is “At the brink”.

Have fun everyone!

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Glad you're here with us for three days of game making.

Feel free to use this space to ask for help, to team up with others or to just discuss with other participants.
Please be a decent human being and be kind with others. Hateful comments, harsh language and/or visuals are prohibited here.

You can also join the inkle Discord where you'll find a dedicated #inkJam19 channel.

You can reach out to me here, on Discord or on Twitter if you need anything before, during the jam or during the voting period.