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Good idea. Simple and fun.

It would be nice a bar showing the power of the hit, and I think a football theme (field background, ball, kick sounds and crowd sounds) would suit well this mechanic.

Very cool style! I just found it hard to die straight away when hurt by enemies but with some practice I managed to beat the level 1-1

It's a cool atmosphere you built there with the music and sounds, they go along nicely with the tribal/village theme! The art is very nice too.

Just want to share some feedback and ideas:

- Speed to stop: the player slides a bit when stop walking, the floor feels kinda slippery, but it is all grass and rocks, right? A sudden stop would feel more realistic to me, but it is a matter of taste anyways.

- Crossbow mechanic: think about holding X to load an arrow, and releasing X to shoot it. It could even be explored for power shots (like in Megaman).

- Camera movement: it shows more of what is behind me, and less of what is in front. Maybe the opposite would make more sense.

- Secret places: there is a barrier in some dark spots to avoid the player from falling down. Maybe some could be walked through to lead to secret areas (like in Commander Keen)?

Overall, awesome piece. I can't wait to play the rest of it!

That was intense indeed. What a ride!

Nice breakout implementation, could add a bit more engagement with SFX. I managed at some point to get the ball boucing left and right in a straight line so had to restart the game. Nice one!

Since I don't have windows and there was an apk, I played on my phone. It is a smart approach for the mechanics. Just gets a little boring when I need to wait for the player to go to one side of the screen to then come back, maybe a wall kind of obstacle would address that? Also I didn't manage to pass the bees stage (4th I think?), too hard on the phone screen with my elephant thumbs. Anyways, kudos, the game works really well.

It is a fun little platformer, all assets belong together, I just had some trouble seeing the whole scene, which I am assuming it must be something related to my computer or Deleting the character / stopping listening the controls could have done for a "game over" state. Also a few glitches but still good job for a 4 hours project.

Brilliant approach of moving with the bombs. Physics are ok although had some glitches. Good use of SFX, music, levels, impressive work for the little time we had. Good job!

It's a cute game, you managed well the creepy atmosphere with the sounds and the monsters. I didn't manage to see the entire intro screen and the game as in the thumbnail, issue with the fullscreen perhaps? Good job though, it's a creative piece.

Well done finishing the game! The maze approach is a sound choice for a short jam, good catch! I didn't manage to find the chest in 5 minutes though =P Also, you had the same problem I have with GDevelop: the page scrolls when pressing Up/Down, mrthepie's advice of WSAD is something I will definitely consider for my games.  A 5 minutes timer would be a good addition. Keep it up!

The visual is neat and the guitar hero approach was a good idea. Impressive piece for 4 hours of work. I found it very difficult to play. The level itself is hard and, regarding controls,  it would be easier to play with 4 buttons rather than 5 (playing on a phone here).

Very complete, with intro, credits and instructions screen, levels progression. Good choice for SFX and music. I liked the mechanics too, simple and fun. When hitting a gem the particles make hard to see the player for a few seconds and I kinda missed some indication of direction. I also enjoyed the pixel art approach. Good job!

Impressive for 4 hours work. At first I though I could always win because I play before Penny, until it reached a naked corner and ... uh, check mate me! Power ups for player and penny and rotating the screen could be further improvements.

Good job!

Joshua thank you for taking your time to play and comment. Indeed it is missing the challenge element. This game was made by my wife and I and, considering we have little to non-existent experience with game development, we are still happy with the end result. The game was built with GDevelop, which compiles the game to pixijs, and the code base is messy because, you know, out of the 4 hours something that had no attention was organising folders. Lots of spare assets, all over the place. I liked very much your insights and will remember moving forward! Thanks!

Yep, it is totally missing the challenge element but that's where we manage to get with the time we got. Thanks for leaving your comment!

Indeed. We were running out of time so we had to simplify and decided to chose sound effects and music over a timer, assuming it would make it more fun (a timer would make more sense with an end screen and some other things would queue along with it). We also had to leave some minutes for a last time testing. Thanks for your feedback!

Nice! Same situation here, we have none to very little experience in game development, this is one of our firsts. The flying poop was a design choice for a rather cute approach to the droppings. Thanks for the kind comment!

I found this while sneaking around aseprite repo and then David's website. Creative plot, cool art, and quite funny! It's a neat game, good job!