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Can it run on Linux Ubuntu? * hopes *

Hello! I bought the game because I love what I've played in the past, but all the options are broken. :(

The Linux file doesn't run (doesn't give an error message either). Using the terminal it said it couldn't find the necessary libraries, but the ones it mentioned are already installed.

The .swf file started out working on the flash debugger up until the first time you walk left, then it goes black. 

When I start it on steam it just gets stuck on the mushroom loading screen (almost two hours and still it was loading). Samorost 1 also doesn't play on Steam, doesn't start at all.

Any help with one of these options or with another option would be much appreciated! I sent a message on the Amanita site contact page a few days ago, but there hasn't been a follow-up yet. I hope the issue can be sorted, as these are good games. :)

All thanks goes to God! I'm glad you were terrified.  :)

This is a very good game! I love the aesthetic, the discovery progression, the monsters, weapons, and grim setting.

I love "ye olde" Doom's aesthetic, and this game captures it very well in a small space. It has a good balance of difficulty also. I love how one is able to get actually lost, yet it is still small enough that you don't absolutely require a map.

A few minor suggestions I would make would be to have a music change on the boss level; the ordinary level music seemed incongruous, and the music change earlier had a very good effect. A more dramatic sound at the death of the boss would be good.

It's the smoothest online FPS I've seen, one of the smoothest online games I've seen. It's the kind of FPS I would like to make.

I suppose it would get easier once your familiar with the backgrounds and what the mirror looks like, so then you can hit anything that isn't those. I have a big advantage in that of course. :)

Thank you! Yes, I like meaty sounds. You can use them too (free) if you like: Meaty Sounds.

What score did you get? Since I added in the walking mirrors I haven't been able to get a perfect score again yet, but I'll keep trying. :)

Great concept of strategies and possessing! One glitch made me have to restart a stage, when there was an enemy on the spawn point of a room in stage 3, so that I would spawn on the end of its gun even if I was holding down a key.

I liked creeping through bars and shafts. :)

Very good story, sounds, and atmosphere!

I like how sometimes you are glimpsed, like by the dog, or when she was hurt, though I was a bit confused by "I'm not dead yet you vulture!" since it was said as you leave, so I thought at first that I was supposed to do something - it would have been clearer if it was said when you approach.

I like how much expression is in where people look, how they pause, start to do something and stop and such - the dog even looked old by the way he moved. I like how in the past that could have been, the past self glimpses the future self. I also like the climb up the mountain passing through the seasons of life - the arrangements of the scenery were able to make it feel very high up, even on the limited screen.

How many secrets are there? Is there ever anything in the two forest spots off the path?

Thank you for a very good story!

".retsaM, gniht siht hcuot ton tsedluohs uoht ecnahcreP"

(2 edits)

Did you click on the die (singular of dice) in the big book? That's sort of a trap. :)

If you click on the die a few more times eventually all should right itself. Clicking the die switches it randomly between upside down, mirrored, and normal.

If you aren't at the big book anymore, you can click on your ginger golem, click on "What" (in the middle, top, or in your case bottom), and scroll down (or in your case up), and the die should be there.

Don't worry, that's the only trap... I think. ;)

Quite a fun game!

I like the palette, the idea of fetching things with a bubble, the wizard's gestures guiding the bubble, and the ingredients of bat (familiar), hat (familiar, and interesting as an ingredient, and that particular hat looks unique), rabbit (interesting as an ingredient, and to have a dark one rather than the usual white rabbit), and donut (quite unique as a potion ingredient!). I like the jaws on the cauldron.

As to suggestions, I notice that if you press a direction too late then it applies to the next bubble, usually crashing it. A delay of less than a second before a new bubble appears or is mobile should fix that (but a second or more would probably add too much dead time to the game).

You could make it so that the recipe only shows when you first reach a level, so that you don't have to press C twice to restart the level, since after all you can always press C if you want to check the recipe. I notice that X doesn't actually do anything in this version.

For balancing the difficulty I don't think slowing down the bubble would be good (except maybe very slightly) since you don't want to make the beginning levels too easy or add time to the game, making it feel tedious. You could probably leave the number of bubbles the same throughout the game, since the challenge increases enough by itself, and the main thing that adds tedium rather than difficulty is having to redo something you've already accomplished.

Actually, apart from the decrease of bubbles, I think the challenges increase in difficulty pretty nicely, and seven stages is a good number for the difficulty (and artistically appropriate for a small game about a wizard).

As to artistic suggestions, I would say to make the moving blocks look different and strange, since they are an addition to the last levels which make them unique and change the way you play. It's always nice to reward success with some artistic discovery. I'm curious what kind of end screen you'll put together for it - I got past stage 7 :).

I appreciate that you have a Linux version download too!

Thanks for a fun challenge!

Hello all!

I finished a small, online game in which you must find the seven pieces of your violin, so you can get past the chief goblin and go through the special door. It's hand-drawn by me, and meant to be a very easy, tranquil experience.

A Pilfering Pucks Problem

Perfect! Thanks!


I would like to give people access to a free, unlisted game. I don't mind at all if they give access to other people, I just don't want it listed. I also don't want to bother them with having to use a password. Would download keys work for this, or do they have no effect on play online games?


I figured it out: nope, it wasn't fine movement at all: I was trying to go the wrong way (over instead of under). It was at 98 deaths before I noticed that (hee hee).

So for the second bot as well, you have to peek up high enough to get it, but not high enough for it to get you? Unfortunate that the slow flight option isn't available there. :)

Nice aesthetics and theme! I like creative, artsy Pico-8 games.

I would say that there are two places that need another checkpoint: pollinating under the guns, and the last part (won't give away any spoilers!). Basically pollinating under the four guns was a pretty good challenge, but having no checkpoint after it means you end up doing it over and over as you try the next challenge (and the next challenge takes some trial and error), and it gets more tedious than challenging.

With the other one (I think it may be the last challenge?) the ones between it and the checkpoint are easy enough, but also get pretty tedious as you try to get the extremely fine movement right with the second laserbot at the end. It is fine movement you need, right? I haven't actually gotten past that yet. The laser is right next to me, but I'm still not high enough.

By the way, I see you have a Gothic style Cyrillic font for the Russian: would people who read Cyrillic be able to read it easily, or at least as easily as people who read Latin characters would be able to read the Gothic versions of them?

I was wanting to make a Gothic style Cyrillic font myself, and was wondering if anyone would be able to read it. I love the Cyrillic script.

Exactly the kind of game that should be made.

The difficulty level and type by the way is comparable to some scientifically tested mental exercise games I have tried.

The game is very smooth, with high quality graphics. Two other very good games I have played that had high quality graphics that worked surprisingly well also suggested Russian influence. What game-making programs do they use in Russia? I want to use them...

I have gotten to level 120 so far, though I have also used up my rye bread.

Splendid! Let me know if you if you find any problems (or if, you know, everything is great)!

What browser are you using? Are cookies disabled on it do you know?

Hm, I am unable to replicate this error... Thank you for letting me know though!

So sorry for not seeing that! Though I should have thought of it myself too. Thank you so much for not disqualifying the original version!

(2 edits)

Let me know how far you get (or if it is too boring)!

I am thinking of putting at least one of the hints in the description since there is a spot that is probably impossible without it. Basically the hint is a list of the items you are looking for, and there is a spot where it is mathematically unlikely to find what you are looking for if you don't have the list. So yes, I will go add it.

Oh sorry, I just found out my other game I linked to was broken! It's fixed now. It is larger than this one, and more difficult if you do not use the hints.

Thank you Maumann! 

Once they get approved you can download some of the sounds I made for the game from Meanwhile they and a lot of other sounds I have used can be downloaded on

I saw your game in Four Mile Circus's video, and I liked the art and music, but we can't play it because we do not use Windows. Have you heard of Twine? I think you might like it. Its what I use for my games (using the SugarCube format).

You can go inside the Encyclopedia if you get a perfect score and find the Easter egg! The kobold head was from a brainstorm session; the other three were thought of more easily. In the brainstorm my sister thought of a taser moustache, which I am definitely going to use in another adventure!

I am happy you liked it! It was quite fun to watch you play (I like your voice by the way!).

I see I probably should not have put in the fullscreen button since the game itself does not expand; and anyway, I like how it looks in its little box (which is foursquare, incidentally).  My other game is more suited for fullscreen.

The book weapon is a sort of statement: what combats fear and darkness even more than a cannon? (Of course this is usually not by smashing things with a book; though this adds the statement that the bigger the book the better!)

The other day I added this sound effect when you get the cannon.