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Thanks! I actually haven't played fnaf yet - I guess it's convergent inspiration, which makes it even more eerie. 🙃

No problem! I used Twine in SugarCube format ( ) - it was originally designed for making text adventure type games, but it makes it so simple to add other things as you learn that I mainly make point-and-click games with it. 🙃

Yeah, probably is 😄 I think the problem was that I thought I could only click when the cursor hand was open, and that when it closed it meant I was not over the clickable spot anymore, so I would click elsewhere - but now I see that it both opens and then shuts when it moves into the clickable spot. Also if I move the mouse across the spot the hand can then easily open while the mouse is over a different spot, so I had thought that the clickable spot was moving randomly and vanishing, when it just meant I had moved across the button from a different direction... but I'm rambling.

I suppose instead of markers, you could make the hand remain open on "mouseover", rather than opening and closing on "mousein", if that could be done? I haven't used Godot yet. :)

Yup! All fixed. The only problem now (if it's a glitch) is there seems to be long pauses where nothing can be clicked. I like this game - it's not just good-for-a-first-attempt, it's just good. :) 

I get this error:

The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)"

Using Brave browser on Ubuntu. Hope this helps!

This entity is today's Daily OOM (Strange Thing)!

This is basically a perfect little game.

I posted it as today's daily Strange thing! :)

I'd love to make something similar myself. :)

Hey! I forgot to mention, your game was yesterday's Daily OOM! (Daily Strange Thing 👍).

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I remember trying this, but it works now, so I guess I'll never know if it was a glitch - ah well! :) Thank you!
The Linux download crashes when you reach the chamber, just so you know. 👍

Incidentally, I write witch-hunter stories, where the witch-hunters are quite similar to the witches in this game. :) Thanks for the interesting game!

Haven't been able to get any but one ending.

How do you light the match?

Huzzah! That worked; thank you, Sir!

The Vigilance of Nephthys is today's Daily OOM!

I like how smoothly playable it is, while still feeling simple and low-res. And how you're able to get lost, but it doesn't become tedious.

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Don't lose too much hair over me, haha! :D I've got the standalone, but it does the same thing - that is to say, I don't know what to type in and do for Ubuntu for doing this:

mkdir poom 
<path to pico>\pico.exe -home . 
cd poom\carts 
REM change xx to actual version number 

When I right-click the "poom_1.9" file in the "poom_1.9_linux" folder, and select "Run", it doesn't do anything. When I do ./poom_1.9 in the command line it gives the error: "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

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Sorry, I hope my inexperience brings a little humour to someone's day. :)

Hello! I love this game!

I need some help though: the Linux version isn't running (with permissions set for executing as a program), and I'm not sure how to set up the standalone on Ubuntu - trying to put in the path gives a syntax error.

This is very sweet - looking forward to the completion! 

That one I had played before and liked a lot - I forget why I hadn't rated it yet, maybe because I was going to try the red hand of the clock, but never did. I would sure play another such game if you have some more such ideas. :)

Of mine I would recommend Get in the House, which I made with my brother.

Looking forward to it!

There's still some of your other games I need to check out too. :)

Your game is today's Daily OOM!

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Happy to hear you got un-lost! :) What would you say were your favourite or most difficult parts?

I hope to do another project with my brother now that he's ten. It was a good experience for us, I would definitely recommend finding some project where you can work with someone much older or much younger than you.

Oho! Yes, I suppose once one has gotten past you-know-what it is likely enough one would consider you-know-what to be a finished task, and so miss the item. But I suppose some other gamers would have an instinct of looting foes, and so would do fine, haha.

Unless you mean the note after the "small dark thing that requires some kind of food" leaves - the puzzle of that note really is the "final boss" of the game so to speak.

Awesome! I'll let my brother know you made it through! 🙃

There is a second game planned, called Go to Bed.

As you may find with my other games, I tend to make things kinda too difficult, haha. Which parts did you find most difficult?

Glad I could be of some help!

Ah, okay, I just thought you had picked it up in the devlog I saw. :)

Finished it!

Until I watched the devlog I didn't know you were supposed to take the notes - if you don't then they all say "Servant hates the light" and nothing spawns but the boss. Because the notes only said this, and the first note says "Pay attention to the notes, otherwise use the gun" I thought the gun was supposed to be a distraction, and I was trying to fight off the boss by shining the flashlight on it, haha. This way of skipping to the boss could be good for testing maybe.

If you find one side area before you reach the fire pit, then it's the bottle sitting by the wood with the axe, and the bottle can't be picked up.

I loved the atmosphere, the spiderwebs and moths, and the sound effects sounding like they're behind you. I actually recognised a shriek sound effect I used in my game Auldhame.

Anyway, thanks for making this!

Yes, that clue is the "final boss" of the puzzle. Congratulations on solving it, and thank you for the feedback!

And sorry I didn't reply before, I only just now saw your comment!

Cool! Just don't explain too much, you know. ;)

Haven't had a problem on Ubuntu Linux, which is nice. I love the idea of the fumes being sucked in and the dents popping out, or your fumes flying away to another car.
I want to drive the Bavarius body, haha.

I love the atmosphere of this game!

Just so you know, sometimes it glitches and doesn't add horses, and sometimes adds horses when I go through the same gate more than once.

Yup, found the other things there - all I need is the old book, and the journal was the only old book I found. :)

It's funny - I'm missing just one item from both this game and Pair Dadeni (the key).

Not finding the key. :)

Pretty sure I need to pick up the journal, but I can only read it. Is that a glitch?

Yes, it does highlight how suspiciously simple the last key is, though it was foreshadowed every other time the clown appeared.


I like how you made the player have to do things, and I think it adds to the point where the Jack grabs the handle away from you. If it had been a cutscene, it wouldn't have felt like one had lost control.

Can it run on Linux Ubuntu? * hopes *

Hello! I bought the game because I love what I've played in the past, but all the options are broken. :(

The Linux file doesn't run (doesn't give an error message either). Using the terminal it said it couldn't find the necessary libraries, but the ones it mentioned are already installed.

The .swf file started out working on the flash debugger up until the first time you walk left, then it goes black. 

When I start it on steam it just gets stuck on the mushroom loading screen (almost two hours and still it was loading). Samorost 1 also doesn't play on Steam, doesn't start at all.

Any help with one of these options or with another option would be much appreciated! I sent a message on the Amanita site contact page a few days ago, but there hasn't been a follow-up yet. I hope the issue can be sorted, as these are good games. :)

All thanks goes to God! I'm glad you were terrified.  :)