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Samorost 2

Samorost 2 is a short adventure game in which you help a little space gnome to save his kidnapped dog. · By Amanita Design

Not working on Ubuntu 18

A topic by patrick-lauser created 51 days ago Views: 11
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Hello! I bought the game because I love what I've played in the past, but all the options are broken. :(

The Linux file doesn't run (doesn't give an error message either). Using the terminal it said it couldn't find the necessary libraries, but the ones it mentioned are already installed.

The .swf file started out working on the flash debugger up until the first time you walk left, then it goes black. 

When I start it on steam it just gets stuck on the mushroom loading screen (almost two hours and still it was loading). Samorost 1 also doesn't play on Steam, doesn't start at all.

Any help with one of these options or with another option would be much appreciated! I sent a message on the Amanita site contact page a few days ago, but there hasn't been a follow-up yet. I hope the issue can be sorted, as these are good games. :)