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wtf. how

Lovely! Thank you for playing 😊

glad you had fun, thanks for sharing your creations!

This is by far the best game I've played, everything feels so carefully designed. The various enemies and stunzone mechanics really make each encounter feel different, and the amount of polish on the animations, transitions and overall UX is the icing on the cake. Well done!

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Distance :)

haha yeah the game might break when reaching exceedly high numbers, sorry about that :d You can consider it a sort of victory condition I guess :D

Thanks , glad you enjoyed it! :)

The fire button was close to an idea we had, we wanted to be able to transform a henchman into a hacker that would hack the bank every X second, but we had to cut this due to time :d

Just checked the money capacity, seems bugged indeed, will try to fix that tonight. Thanks for reporting it !

Google chrome seems to be working fine :d

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ooo my bad! I'm not used to downloadable builds on, will do! thanks a lot!

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Hmmm where does it say that? I tested on multiple PCs, working fine :/

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The current build is for Windows, is it not working on your side somehow? :/

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

I checked the PlayerSettings, unfortunately the Linker target was already set to WebAssembly :/ I tried with asm.js and both enabled too, still nothing :(

I'll keep on lurking on unity forums, but thanks anyway! :)

Hi, glad you've enjoyed the experience ! Concerning the future of this particular project, it is unlikely that we will continue to work on it, as we have a lot of work at school, and most members of the team have an internship during holidays. However, this doesn't mean we won't create other games together... :)

Hi, unfortunately, the game is only playable with a gamepad for now :/

Hi, glad you've enjoyed it! We used Unity to create the whole game :)

Thanks a lot! Glad you've enjoyed yourself :)

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

I didn't know this game either, will check that out for sure!