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Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately not going to be updating the project in the near future as this was for a jam, but we appreciate you playing the game!

Unfortunately not working on the game anymore, just a week long project for the bullet hell jam. Thanks for the suggestion though!


I use a 2560x1440 monitor, though strangely enough on linux (I dual boot garuda and windows lol) It works fine, I think my setup is just bugging lol

Very interesting! Was a real brain twister, had me scrambling for a note pad for the last one lol. Great Work! The screen does go blank when you click into fullscreen until you click again, just fyi. (I am using a very modded version of firefox though keep in mind)

Yeah we didn't have much time to balance lol. Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I just found that bug where you can stand still last night lol. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Yeah we didn't have much time to balance the upgrades, bounce ended up being pretty busted. Glad you enjoyed though!

The game didn't load in the browser so I downloaded it. Very creepy! I liked the atmosphere alot. Mayve you should try to make a horror game at some point? Liked the twist on the theme as well.

For some reason I really like the water shader lol

Really cool twist on the theme

Very surreal, audio especially lol. Nice job!

Pretty difficult (I'm bad at these sorts of games though), really polished, good art and good fun!

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Yeah, Unity's UI was giving me alot of trouble. We tried to scale the increase in points you get by the difficulty of the powerup, but we didn't have much time to tune things. Thanks for the feedback! (I also realize that no one really cares about points if theres no leaderboard lol)

Very fun game. You some how turned a bullet hell into a turn based Super Hot sort of thing. Great twist on the theme as well!

Music's good, movement is pretty good, collision is a bit jittery but what can you expect from pico-8 lol. Good job! Would've loved to see the jam theme in there

Art was phenomenal and great sound design. Controls felt a little strange with the angled perspective, but other than that, great fun!

Awesome Game! It has a lot of polish and juice to it! (Especially liked the death screen lol)

Thanks a bunch! Yeah Unity was giving us troubles. Sorry about that

Nice Work!

lol, nice game

Very juicy!

Pretty fun! I especially like the minimap implementation.

Fixed! Thanks for the feedback

my fingers hurt after level 3 lol. good job though!

very, very good, especially for a jam game

pretty good idea, just a bit finicky

Some say games require physical goals, progression, or competition. But a new category must be added to the hall of gaming fame: deck chairs. Whether it falls into the category of "video game" or not is up for debate, but the piece de resistance that is "Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic" must be considered a higher level of art. It seemlessly creates an arguably fictional world, with its unique take on the famous historical event. The chair czar rates 5 stars.

couldn't get working :(

accurate title lol. i was terrible at it but its a great idea

not sure if my game was bugged or the goal was unclear

couldn't really get it working?

fun little take on the theme, works well, nice pixel art!

very fun idea! executed well

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verrry nice! (chase btw)