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I was thinking of picking out the most interesting ones to solo. Which are your favourites,  I will bump them up the queue.


I will check this immediately.

If you only want the fronts for home printing, these instructions will work for Adobe Reader. Go to File->Print. Select More options underneath the Page to Print section. Choose Even Pages Only.
Then, in the Page Sizing & Handling section, click Multiple and then Pages per Sheet. I found that 4 pages per sheet worked the best for me when printing on A4 light card.

Yes, these rules simulate the core roll of 2d6, roll high. They will feel like traveller when used with traveller.

You are welcome, I hope you enjoy it.

Yes, this is simply an addon supplement.

Yes, it is PDF + print.

Yes, you can get a print version from

Yes it should be. As long as REUP using the WEG d6 system, it should be good to go.

Yes, it is a brilliant space opera series.

Cut Up Solo - Triplanetary Lensman by Parts Per Million (

Root of Evil

A Dungeon World Adventure for Group or Solo Play

Parts Per MillionDungeon World is one of my favorite fantasy settings and equally at home used for GM lead groups or solo play, using any of the available oracles or sets of solo tools.

Root of Evil describes the descent into madness of a druid over the death of his sacred oak, and the dryad that lives with it. That tipping over the edge puts into place a chain of events that spiral into dark rituals before spilling out across the local communities. Something needs to be done, it is a time to call for heroes.

This adventure uses Jason Cordova's 7-3-1 method to set up the key elements of the adventure in a way that is very improvisation-friendly. This makes it easy to play as a GM and as a solo player using an oracle.

This is a 13 page PDF, two pages are cover and front matter. It is a layered PDF allowing you to turn off images for ease of printing. The is a separate file, allowing you to print in color or monochrome and to your choice of size.

Using Cepheus Engine for Solo Play.

Solo roleplay is put forward as being for anyone who wants to play when there is no one else available. Most solo tools are actually built with the Game Master in mind. GMs are naturally more used to improvising entire scenes, creating NPCs on the spot, and having to grab random tables to create content on the fly. These are not normally player-facing tools and skills.

These solo tools add more support for players who may be less familiar with having to improvise everything. It supports world-building as an incremental process and challenges you with questions about the scenes and events to make you think about sights and sounds you may not have considered.

Solo is a perfect way to learn a new game, test your first adventures and going beyond just making characters when you are first getting to know the rules.

Your adventures are supported using a structure very similar to the adventure structure presented in the Cepheus SRD, but slightly modified, and a simple 2d6 oracle for asking questions and creating unexpected events.

A print version of these rules is available here.

This solo rules supplement uses a handful of simple tables to try and emulate the DM/GM. Everything is a d6 bases, just as you would roll a d6 to test for wandering monsters, a d6 to check for secret doors and so on. The humble d6 has been controlling the D&D universe since the beginning.

This is a 72 card digital deck. You get a PDF that you can print at home, and 144 png image that can be uploaded to card shuffling apps or tools. The cards have all the combat rolls and options on the front and the solo roleplaying options on the back.

This deck of cards is intended to be used with modern settings, d100 cosmic horror games such as Fall of Delta Green, Arc Dream's Delta Green, Apocthulu, and modern Call of Cthulhu.

This is a digital deck and gives you an instruction leaflet (pdf), 200 double-sided cards as PDF, for home printing and 400 images of the cards that can be uploaded to dice roller/card shuffler apps.  These can also be printed on labels for a homemade card deck.

The cards are US Poker 2½" x 3½" format.

A physical deck is also available from DriveThruCards and is Deal of the Day on 22 May -23 May 2021

This cut up solo supplement is system neutral, but focused on Space Opera as a genre.

Cut up solo is a method of solo roleplaying where texts, in this case the first two E. E. "Doc" Smith Lensman novels are chopped into four or five word 'snippets'. You then draw snippets at random and try and join them up to create sentences or paragraphs of what the GM in a roleplaying game would say to you. You can then roleplay against that, reacting to the text you built, and then the process repeats.

This supplement consists of a PDF book containing 2000 random snippets from the novels, and spreadsheets set up to randomly sample the texts that contain 35,000 snippets.

Inför döden är vi alla ensamma (We die alone)

Solo Rules for Mörk Borg

This PDF book provides solo roleplaying rules to Mörk Borg, using die mechanics and rules that work naturally with the core rules. It also reuses, or repurposes existing random tables in the rulebook.

Hi Judgmentfish, that is a typo and I will get it fixed. The correct page is 92 in the pdf rules.

Dungeon Crawl Solo adds solo role playing to Dungeon Crawl Classics and Hubris.

This 39 page rulebook is in three parts, covering question and answer oracles, drama dice or pools and event clocks, and the last part deals with solo playing adventures and published modules.

Now available on Itch.

These solo roleplaying rules are intended to be used with Mothership RPG by Tuesday Knight Games.

Solo roleplaying works by trying to emulate the role of the GM by using simple dice mechanics to answer questions. These rules provide a yes-no mechanic, for simple questions such as "Is the hatch locked?". Open questions such as "What does the bar tender know about the last group of miners that disappeared?" are handled by selecting random (themed) words that are meant to give you something to improvise from.

As Panic is a key mechanic in Mothership the rest of your crew are controlled using a light version of the Player Emulator with Tags. The full emulator is available on Github. This light version is modded to work with the Mothership d100/xd10 system.


You are welcome. I hope you have fun.