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This is my friend's game, and we've worked together before, so I'm pretty biased, but they're mainly a writer and this is their first game they've made entirely solo with their own art, programming, game design, everything. I'm truly impressed with what they managed to turn out in a week! The unique theme and art style are really compelling. I'm looking forward to the full release!

this is great! i loved stairdown so having a fun resolution to the story makes me happy :)

This owns! I'm using this in a project I'm about to drop a demo for, thanks so much

Thanks so much!!! We had a lot of fun spending the day together making this and goofing around LOL

you'll be in the nursing home and Blorpo will be the thing you remember

You did great, cleaning up the ocean one chomp at a time

woahhhhhh there is NO LIMIT to the MONARCHY!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a limit to how many royals can be in your court?

This game is so cute, I love it!!!

Could you make it so that the first person you unmask is always a human, like regular minesweeper?

This game hit me in a place I didn't know was there

This is such a cozy game I love it

Checked this out after seeing it on EEK3, the shooting is so satisfying in this!

adorable short and sweet *heart*

This was an incredibly hilarious read, thanks for making this 

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so pleased that you found the time to play my game, I'm looking forward to playing the full release of A Day of Maintenance when I find the time :)

This was really hard to finish but I'm glad I did.

This game was really fun, it makes me want to try making something like this where you have to navigate, that kind of play has always been so cool to me?? I somehow managed to beat it on the hardest difficulty after losing on Normal a lot and I was thinking about ways to make it even harder...

Really enjoyed this game, damn you for breaking my heart with some of these endings QuQ


So atmospheric!!!

There's an nb (off screen)!!! Let's fucking go!!! This game is cute, I want MORE

Really good to hear about your process as I go through my own journey of making visual novels in Ren'Py, looking forward to hearing more!!!

This game is soooo cute

yo the track in this one OWNS

your game haunted me :(

First comment lets gooooo *airhorn* *airhorn* *airhorn*

Thanks so much for your thoughts, we're so happy that you enjoyed it!!! <3

Gay!!! :)

When I picked the non-binary gender options, the characters still called me "him" and "new guy". Some non-binary people use masculine pronouns but I was at least expecting the dialogue to be gender neutral even if you didn't let the player choose pronouns. Kinda bummed out by that.

Thanks so much for all your hard work, it's difficult to make a game in such a short time and I think you did a really good job.

Last time I was definitely playing the latest build and not the old one. I downloaded it again tonight and tried again and I was able to beat it! The scrolling felt much better. The redacting felt a little better too but maybe that's just in my head?

Something that helped was knowing that if I finish the last redaction in a round, the doors will close by themselves.

Another technique that was useful is using the couch when both doors are open. When you press F it will teleport you to the couch, then press F again to stand up, and it lets you cross the room very quickly.

This game is really difficult. Sometimes the doors start opening again immediately after I've closed them. But the main problem is that the redactions require a lot of mouse precision and sometimes they look complete when they're not. The time limit on what I think was the final round of redactions is brutal, I was only able to finish one page because the doors kept opening. The scrolling is also very slow if you use the scroll wheel.

This game has got a really cool atmosphere but once you've lost the first time then all the tension is gone, and trying to replay for the ending was really tedious. I attempted it 3 times but I just couldn't finish it.

If the time limit was removed, I think this would ease the difficulty a lot in the game. I think the doors are creepy and they're enough pressure already. The timer feels totally arbitrary and it isn't justified by the game, unlike the supernatural threat of the doors.

The art is incredible, the sound design is fantastic. This game just really cultivates a captivating atmosphere

The combat is simple but very tight, and I really like the skeletons hehe

The art is gorgeous, the attacks are bombastic, the music is banging. This game is awesome

The art style and level design for this is super dope

Yeah I was using it

That was a really neat, short experience. The art and atmosphere is great.