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I was recording some footage and I ran into a bug!

It's pretty fun little game that is a little rough around the edges. Visuals are adorable, and reminds me very much of Mister Driller, though that makes the lackluster audio stand out that much more. 

Echo Blues Effect doesn't loop very well at all, and will cut out if you score above 1000 points. I'm not sure if it's just broken on my end, but the complete lack of sound effects is kind of surprising. An audio clue when the dog is lunging would make it a little easier to play even.

All in all, while a fun and cute game, it really underscores how important audio is to game design. 

While my high score is not quite as impressive as some of the other players here, this was certainly a fun time impressing the kids with Dad's timeless moves! Hope to see more cool works n the future! 

I had a great time in this game, which is weird, because I'm utterly awful at it. If that's not a sign of good game design, i dunno what is. Hope to see some more twists and turns in the future release! 

This was a short but sweet experience and I hope I was able to capture the same kind of humor in my video as well. Definitely worth the 10 or so minutes! 

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You hit the nail on the head when it comes to the DKC aesthetic, I just wish there was more! More levels, more enemies, more moves! I had a great time and I NEED more!

Beeny was definitely worth the one dollar, but it has left me with a craving for more DKC-like games that I cannot control, so buyer beware. 

I had a really hard time with this game, but it's entirely on me, because the game mechanics are solid. It's a load of fun, especially if you're a fan of Puzzle League games, but man is it tough!

Swapwood Quest's music and graphics remind me of a classic SNES title and it'd definitely have been a favorite back then. Well worth playing! 

PAULBLAST has solid puzzle-like gameplay, a great soundtrack and really funny visuals. I'd really like to see a full game of this, though as is, it's great. Easily recommended.

Pretty solid game that emulates the Wario Ware style perfectly! I think with just a bit more fanfare and polish this could rival any of the originals. Keep up the great work!

Speedcat is a solid platformer with an old school charm that really reminds me of Alien Hominid's PDA games. Well worth the ten minutes or so of play time!

I was honestly surprised, this is a smooth, well put together fighting game that just happens to be Amogus. Was an absolutely great time to play, would Booty Blast Imposters again!

It's stylistically Paper Mario, but plays like an Action RPG version of Mystery Dungeon. Great little title with a lot of personality and a lot more content than the rather short demo will show you in one sitting. Looking forward to the full release! 

Been having a great time in the base game and just now jumping into the modded version, I'd say it's pretty great Inscryption-like Card game with enough differences to make it it's own beast.

Definitely hope to see an RPG version like Pokemon, but a card game!!!

Very cute game with a solid foundation of a classic deck building roguelike. While it isn't quite on the same level of polish as something like Slay the Spire, Die in the Dungeon is a great and quick experience easily worth a few hours of gameplay.

As a Metal Gear fan, I was really excited to see this announcement and you certainly didn't disappoint! 

It's a very faithful fan game, everything from the graphic to even the controls feel like they've been pulled from the original MGS. Easily one of the best Indies I've played recently.

Really cute game about tormenting the souls of the damned with what they'll never have... LOVE!!! 

This was a delight. Every bit what I thought it was, Shadow the Hedgehog hit all the shitpost-tier notes it needed to be great, keep it up!

Excellent little tribute. As soon as I saw this I had to jump in and play it. And it was great fun! Gave me a good half-hour of fun, which is a perfect popcorn style game! 

Dis iz the BEST game. Itz got FOIGHTIN', itz got DRINKIN', itz a good ol time with DA BOYZ! An best of all, NO HUMIES!

Very cute game, though I ran into a bit of trouble trying to talk to my Chihauhua friend and warmed the pond a little more than necessary. Still adorable!

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Fun little game. I had a similar idea for a Real Life novelty Cookbook, but never did follow through. Very similar to Sucker for Love, but I think this is a great concept that could easily be expanded on!

Would love to see an eldritch restaurant game

Short but cute game about a corner store and the mysterious items held within.  Despite my addiction to capsule toys, I managed to tear myself away from the hunt for coins and buy a gift. A Turnip! But not just any Turnip, a Haunted Turnip! 

The dialogue and lore building felt very natural and was a fun little experience. The ending was also adorable. Well worth a play!

ANTONBLAST is a spiritual successor to Wario Land, and heck is it a blast to play! A box breaking, house shaking, money making, hammer slamming good time! 

I'm honestly impressed with the amount of polish the first level has, there were so many secrets that were hiding here and there and this is just a TUTORIAL level!!! Controls very smoothly though how Anton attacked took a bit to get used to.

For some reason i was only able to download it on the itch web page instead of in app. Hope it helps!

Got this game in the Ukraine bundle a while back and it was just the kind of game I was looking for at the time. 

Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams is a walking simulator with light platforming and Horror elements. It's a slow decent into the spook zone, but a well executed one. 

The level design is solid and strikingly pretty without losing the PS1 asthetic, initially reminding me of the Classic Spyro games. The secret worlds also add a reward for the curious, which certainly describes me!

Sound design is also well polished, really shining in the scarier levels, as building tension is almost entirely the responsibility of the soundtrack and atmospheric noise.

The writing is witty, funny and introspective with a solid message of preseverance and uplifting others. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a scenic walk and not afraid of a little horror.

The references to Vinesauce and Silent Hill also made me happy :)

Very charming game. I had a hard time picking my starting lineup, they all seemed interesting and honestly none of the characters I picked really disappointed on that front. I still regret not going with arealrat in the end though.

Snakes honestly get  a bad rap, they're nice animals! Still, this game was short sweet and well balanced in the funny/horror ratio.  Really impressive to have only taken 24 hours to make!

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I'm using Windows 10 OS Build 19042.1526.  Been playing it on my Laptop. I did record the gameplay if you'd like to cross reference it . It's recorded on OBS and played the Downloaded version here!

Because there was no soundtrack, I played Alien Hominid over the footage.

12:10 for the movement issue (it's fast, but I think I should have been able to get away)

15:30 for the most notable sound effect problems, they just got worse as I played, but I think went away if i relaunched.

Keep up the great work though, you really nailed the Behemoth style!

Very cute and fun, that's like a love letter to Alien Hominid.  I really enjoyed the game, but I ran into a few problems on the downloaded version.

There was no music whatsoever, though I was able to get the soundtrack to work on the Web Version.

After a while Sound Effects would start to overlay over themselves, causing some serious ear bleed.

Once, I found that when I turned around, I couldn't actually move until the camera had finished repositioning. It unfortunately caused a death.

Camera repositioning in general was not very smooth, especially when rapidly attempting to aim diagonally and jumping.

Despite the issues, the game itself in it's presentation and gameplay is very fun and well worth  it!